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2 hours ago, Marquise said:

I am very thankful for the unceropped versions since either way we will not have anything 

I hope the uploader has 2002 episodes too

Thanks for doing the cropping. It's a lot easier to watch. But like you, my philosophy is the uncropped version is better than nothing at all.

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1 hour ago, skebujebu said:

Just curious MinnaH, your name Minna is common ladies name here in Finland, are you from Finland by any chance?

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Haha, sadly I am not. I stole my username from a recurring character on Veep. 

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Let me add my thank you to the person who uploaded 2002


I'm trying to make sense of the October 2002 folder lol. Are the Australian versions different from the US version and that's why they are in one big file? I think I remember reading once that sometimes Australia would combine two episodes into one and cut out violent scenes or something? 


I just added 10/15/02 in English/High quality. It's a good one!

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 I don't have any of the other missing ones.

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