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Someone once mentioned there was among the official Youtube episodes some bizarre unedited episodes with weird notes, background noices or something. Any idea which exact episodes were those bizarre ones?':) Just curious since I found an official channel episode from December 2005 which had no closing credits but still it had the music and the background xD

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22 hours ago, yrfan1983 said:

In reading the 2002 daily recaps, I see that Whip had a mother. Does anyone recall who played the mom?

check IMDb for the B&B cast list: there should be “another Jones” with 2002

airdates. If I recall correctly, she had three episodes max and not too much dialogue.

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10 minutes ago, ChickenNuggetz92 said:


The character's name was Joy Jones and was played by Mary Kay Wulf. I have quite a few of the episodes she appeared in - will upload to the vault in a bit.

Cool, thanks!! I’m obsessed with the whole storyline

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1 hour ago, BoldRestless said:


Thanks @skebujebu good stuff there.


If anyone follows this channel "Story Time" did any of you catch this "Catty Clashes Pt 2" video before CBS blocked it? I wonder if it's just the second half of the episode from "Catty Clashes Pt 1"?


Yes it was the second half. It was only up for a couple of hours.

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