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AMC: Finale wedding?



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  1. 1. Who should tie the knot?

    • Brooke and Adam
    • Erica and Jack
    • Greenlee and Ryan
    • This couple should renew their vows: (list below)
    • Other (list below)

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Since the AMC threads have included a lot of discussion about whether or not there will be or should be a wedding in the show's final days. I'm going to take the question of whether there should be a wedding off the table for the purposes of this thread. (For the record, I am among those who don't want a wedding.) If there IS a wedding who do you want and/or think it should be? Just a note I've separated out the options of voting for an established couple (Joe/Ruth, Frankie/Randi) to renew their vows and voting for a new couple (Scott/Madison, David/Liza) to tie the knot for the first time.

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For what it's worth, Brot and Natalia are the only possibility that would actually warm my heart and we know the likelihood of that. I could care less about anyone else, Erica and Jack included (been here, done that, and I'm not even a huge Jerica supporter to begin with). I feel the same way about Rylee.

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Id love it if Brooke and Adam returned to announce their wedding. That would be the best chance of me seeing Skye again

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