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This was an unexpectedly awesome episode. Olivia turning into FLOTUS Mellie. Olivia wanting to be FREE Mellie. Mellie turning into FREE Olivia. Mellie feeling sorry for FLOTUS Olivia. Olivia and Fitz turning into Mellie and Fitz. Mellie winning at life. Olivia and Mellie both quite happy to be free of Fitz. Fitz alone and sulking. It was an evolution. It was revealing. It was a revolution, too [abortion for a leading television female].


I think Olivia, Mellie and Fitz now all know that Olivia and Mellie REALLY are a lot alike, the good (movers and shakers, they both love or loved him) and the bad (selfish, love the taste of power a little too much). They also all now know that disappointed in you Fitz and the perimeters of the FLOTUS job is something close to hell. It's a suffocation. Though, Mellie stayed, Mellie had his kids, Olivia ran fast, and aborted his kid(s) w/o giving him a say, This should really shift dynamics between the three.


If you drop the fact that Fitz is irrationally obsessed with Olivia, how do you ever get back from this on the O/F side? Not that I want them to get back from it.

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Last night's episode was completely unnecessary. The manufactured drama between Olitz has drained the show . I never liked Olivia. Her entitlement to make unilateral decisions for everyone her makes her a bigger bitch than Mellie. Olivia simply doesn't know how to love. She doesn't know how to be in a relationship and she doesn't want commitment. Like Fitz said, she wanted him when he was unavailable and now that he is she doesn't know how to be happy. No Vermont?  No jam? At least we tried? Bull.[!@#$%^&*]. The second they actually had a chance at happiness Olivia looked like she wanted to shoot herself in every scene. Wallowing in misery is her crack cocaine. I hope when Fitz finds out she aborted his child they are finally done. No excuses, no hysterics, just be done. See the bitch for who she really is and move on. Mellie was everything last night. I hope she laughs in Fitz face when she finds out Olivia left him. After all the hell those two egomaniacs put her through she deserves it.

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Terrible? I have no love for F/O and I've actually not hated most of this season.


The episode IMO said what Olivia and Fitz never really accepted but what each has known is true for the longest. Truths that they would let slip out from time to time.


Olivia is spoiled. She's accustomed to being catered to. She grew up with her family making her feel powerful despite any of their quirks. Olivia has always wanted Fitz the easy way irrelevant of what that meant to Fitz, to Mellie, and to their kids. Olivia felt OBLIGATED to try almost because she felt bad for Fitz therefore the "yes, I am." I don't see anything wrong with Olivia being selfish to this degree, my issue only comes when she's treated as or/and treats herself as a sacred saint (her white hat self-torture) despite the pain she's helping to inflict to have things her way. IMO, last night's episode was Olivia accepting who she is and who she is not (NOT A WHITE HAT) and seemingly feeling like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She was not miserable. I honestly don't know how either Mellie or Fitz could still like her even a little, though, but both of them clearly do. This trio definitely have a weird Sister-Wives vibe where they "loved to hate" having a relationship together.


Olivia never wanted to be with an unattached Fitz BUT it doesn't negate that Fitz started treating her like he treated Mellie because he felt she betrayed him and/or belittled him. He made her ornamental and it wasn't just for press. He was pissed and this is what he does to the women in his life when he's pissed. He systematically tries to destroy any power they feel they have to feel more powerful, to feel more good about himself.


All of this was brought out last night. IMO, it was wonderful.

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I had no idea Tom was gay or even sleeping with Cyrus. Funny how Olivia didn't want Abby to be a "monster" all this time when she's always been one. Leave it to Olivia the narcissist who thought Abby would be fine taking orders from her again. I knew she was going to kill Andrew the second Papa Pope went into that monologue after she told him she wasn't him. I guess Olivia being a killer is suppose to be shocking but if you're hanging and sleeping with a bunch of murderers it should be par the course. I see there's a lot of praise for her being a bad b!tch on-line and putting the fear of God in Abby and I'm like, NEXT.  Olivia continues to be an insipid character on so many levels.


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