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The show is just not resonating and the PTB are not trying to write material that resonates.

The excess of gory murders and body disposals. Why?

One thing that did resonate (with me) was Mellie and Fitz not-quite-love-not-quite-hate RAGE relationship and now even that's gone. For what? I don't think Mellie and Fitz are going to hook up. I don't think we're going to even get a deeper explanation of why Fitz suddenly deeply feels like he has wrongs he needs to right with Mellie. So then, why even bother?

They're not making either Fitz or Mellie look like competent politicians or legal minds as they run this story. <--- That is an ongoing issue with Scandal. The majority of the cast of characters is made to look ridiculously incompetent at almost everything for the fixer point. On top of that, most of the time even Olivia is being made to look like a fool (for B613).

B613? Why? WTF cares about this chit? I don't care enough to even try to make sense of it. Not this would make any more sense than the Vice Presidents take-over of the White House.

Why is it more important to make recurring player 1, 2 and 3 look competent? Why would a writer think making their lead characters some of the least rootable characters IS a wise show running decision?

I don't get why Elizabeth is still on this show. Abby could have easily filled her current role and done it in a more authentic way.

I guess it's good that Fitz is less ridiculously obsessed with Olivia than usual.

I get that Olivia is traumatized but I'm just not feeling her. I'm not getting authenticity.

I'm getting disconnect from all the characters and the majority of the relationships due to poor writing and storytelling.

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Rating are still sucking. GA beat Scandal by almost 2 million total viewers and half a full point in 18-49,

TV Line is reporting Olivia will hire a new Gladiator soon. I believe they noted it will be a former guest star. I'm guessing it's going to be Cornelius. Good move - as OPA as a 3 person operation is pathetic - but without good writing and storytelling...



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In Scandal's defense Grey's was killing off its lead actor and one of its most popular characters. Greys will come back down to earth in a couple weeks when Scandal returns. I enjoyed the last two episodes and would be excited to see Cornelius as a contract cast member. Hope Scandal can climb up to the high 2's for the finale.

ETA: They need to move on from B6-13. It's an albatross. I am very glad Olivia and Fitz are in separate orbits for the most part. I've finally stopped being sickened by Fitz's face.

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It will be interesting if Scandal is cancelled before Grey's is, the same thing happened with Private Practice. I heard GA is planned to go on until season 15, and that Scandal was projected to go on until season 8, but at the moment I don't think even season 6 is safe. Scandal blew up pretty quickly somewhere around season 2 and season 3, so I guess however fast it grew is how fast it falls.

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All there TGIT shows have the potential to implode next year. Grey's just killed off a major character, Scandal has lost its heat, HTGAWM started off strong but will its premise be sustainable is the question. It is going to be interesting.

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AMC alum Cornelius Smith Jr. joins the cast as a series regular.


I was wondering when we would have confirmation on the new gladiator. I'm excited for him.

I have been watching the series from the beginning as watching Season 3 and 4 the first time I was left confused. Season 1 and Season 2 leading up to Fitz killing Verna Thornton was some good stuff. Crazy how the ratings were so middling when the show first started. It would have been a shame if it got canceled.

I miss Harrison and Abby's friendship :(

Papa Pope and Jake ruined the show. They can die now.

ETA: We need a second new gladiator. I would actually like if Shonda hired another black woman to join the cast.

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