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Primetime Ratings: May 2011


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Tuesday, May 10

Total Viewers

1. NCIS: 17.62 million (-250,000)

2. Dancing with the Stars (9pm): 17.54 million (+1,480,000)

3. NCIS: Los Angeles: 14.74 million (+580,000)

4. The Good Wife: 11.73 million (-650,000)

5. Dancing with the Stars (8pm): 11.28 million (+1,900,000)

6. The Voice: 10.45 million (-2,130,000)

7. Body of Proof: 10.11 million (-120,000)

8. Glee: 9.29 million (+440,000)

9. The Biggest Loser (120 mins): 6.96 million (-560,000)

10. Raising Hope: 5.05 million (+380,000)

11. Traffic Light: 3.05 million (+180,000)

12. One Tree Hill: 1.30 million (+60,000)

13. Hellcats: 1.18 million (+170,000)

Adults 18-49

1. The Voice: 4.7/12 (-1.0)

2. Glee: 3.7/11 (same)

3. NCIS: 3.5/11 (-.2)

4. Dancing with the Stars (9pm): 3.4/9 (+.4)

5. NCIS: Los Angeles: 2.8/7 (-.1)

6. The Biggest Loser (120 mins): 2.6/8 (-.1)

7. Dancing with the Stars (8pm): 2.1/7 (+.3)

7. Body of Proof: 2.1/5 (+.1)

9. The Good Wife: 2.0/5 (-.4)

9. Raising Hope: 2.0/5 (+.2)

11. Traffic Light: 1.3/3 (+.2)

12. One Tree Hill: 0.6/2 (same)

13. Hellcats: 0.5/1 (same)

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But the thing is...? I get where CBS is coming from. Sort of.

IMO, the reason why there are so many procedural shows on CBS' lineup right now, aside from the initial success of the "C.S.I." franchise, has not a little to do with the fact that more serialized, character-driven shows do not hold up well in repeats or that their attempts to create their own "24" or "Lost" phenomenon have been largely failures. (There are only so many "Threshold"s and "Jericho"s you can do before you start realizing that maybe you're not cut for that kind of television, lol.)

OTOH, Toups, you're right: by relying so much on one, particular sub-genre, CBS has not only stayed stubbornly inside the box, but they've also created a glut of these kinds of shows that's going to leave them in serious trouble if/when the current shows play out, viewers don't cotton to their successors or replacements, and they are forced to rebuild the lineup from scratch.

Don't get me wrong, I understand what CBS is doing because it's all about what works and procedures work. It's just my personal taste. Sure I watch some CBS shows but I don't *need* to watch them. If I'm forced to chose between CBS drams or other-network-dramas, I can drop my CBS dramas.

Ironically, CBS used to be able to deliver smart drama shows that were neither mythology-driven nor crime-oriented. And, they were big hits, too! Remember "The Waltons," for example? Or "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman"? Or "Touched by An Angel"? Or "Northern Exposure" and "Picket Fences"?

Nope. I think I was too young to watch them. LOL

The problem is that the rigid and lazy procedural format is starting to hurt CBS. Hawaii 5-0 has not been anywhere near the hit it was supposed to be, and the Criminal Minds spinoff has been a flop.

No 2.5 Men has been hurting CBS' Monday lineup big time.

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Yes but the ratings for Hawaii 5-0 weren't really up to par even before then were they?

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Wednesday, May 11

Total Viewers

1. American Idol (91 mins): 23.05 million (+1,910,000)

2. Criminal Minds: 13.29 million (+390,000)

3. Survivor: 10.77 million (-220,000)

4. Modern Family: 10.15 million (+250,000)

5. Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior: 9.31 million (+480,000)

6. Law & Order: SVU: 8.10 million (-430,000)

7. The Middle: 7.25 million (+170,000)

8. Breaking In: 6.95 million (-120,000)

9. Cougar Town: 6.02 million (+530,000)

10. Better With You: 5.95 million (+540,000)

11. Happy Endings (10pm): 4.18 million (+300,000)

12. Minute to Win It (RR, 9pm): 3.58 million

13. Happy Endings (10:30pm): 3.46 million (+200,000)

14. Minute to Win It (8pm): 3.06 million (-360,000

15. America's Next Top Model (9pm): 2.03 million (+90,000)

16. America's Next Top Model (RR, 8pm): 1.20 million

Adults 18-49

1. American Idol (91 mins): 7.1/20 (+.5)

2. Modern Family: 4.3/11 (+.4)

3. Criminal Minds: 3.3/9 (+.1)

4. Survivor: 3.1/9 (same)

5. Law & Order: SVU: 2.4/7 (-.2)

6. Cougar Town: 2.3/6 (+.1)

6. Breaking In: 2.3/6 (-.1)

8. The Middle: 2.2/7 (+.2)

9. Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior: 2.1/6 (-.1)

10. Better With You: 2.0/6 (+.4)

11. Happy Endings (10pm): 1.7/4 (same)

12. Happy Endings (10:30pm): 1.4/4 (same)

13. Minute to Win It (RR, 9pm): 1.1/3

14. America's Next Top Model (9pm): 1.0/3 (+.1)

15. Minute to Win It (8pm): 0.9/3 (-.1)

16. America's Next Top Model (RR, 8pm): 0.5/2

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Yes but the ratings for Hawaii 5-0 weren't really up to par even before then were they?

The ratings were fine. At least fine enough to get a big syndication deal starting in 2014, so the show's not going anywhere for a long time.


Talking up CBS' programming, Moonves says that Hawaii Five-0 is destined to become "a billion dollar franchise for us" following an initial syndication deal that prices the show at $5 million an episode.

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Yeah, CBS will do whatever they have to to keep "Hawaii Five-O" on-air long enough to justify the sweetheart syndication deal. (It used to be 88 episodes were enough for healthy runs; don't know if that's still the case.)

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It always amuses me the amount of hate CBS gets from tv sites (not singling out this site, I mean on the web in general), a lot of people complain how reality is taking over for scripted shows yet CBS, the number 1 network in total viewers, number 2 in 18-49 has the most scripted shows of anyone, gets the most amount of criticism, most of which I find unwarranted. Procedurals it's what's been working for CBS, so I don't blame them. It's not like they don't have any non-procedural dramas, they do. They just haven't been as successful as their other dramas lately. I think CBS does plan to diverse it's lineup. It knows it's CSI shows don't have much left in them. Rumors have swirling that CBS really wants some medical dramas. Earlier this year, CBS hinted at reviving the Western and when it moved Big Bang to Thursday, network made hints they'd like to expand it 2 hours and have 4 hours of sitcoms. I think once it gets in Monday lineup back in order, they still have long term plans to do that. Which as a sitcom watcher, I welcome, cause I remember when networks used to have 4-6 hours of sitcoms, & like to see that return.

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