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Paul Raven

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7 hours ago, slick jones said:

According to a very reliable source, Hildy was Chuck Hillman's "side piece"

According to the archive of the old Somerset Register website, Hildy James appeared in the fall of 1972. She was Sam Lucas' secretary and was terrorized by the evil Virgil Paris into leaving Somerset. Hildy was then replaced by Chrystal Ames as part of the syndicate storyline. Here's a photo of Hildy with some of the younger set.



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According to a Variety article from 1972, at the time P&G managed to get all of it's soaps in a block on CBS. they were pressuring NBC to move Somerset to 3.30 following AW now that EON was not airing in that slot on CBS. NBC refused saying that Return to Peyton Place had built to a 30 share in that slot and they were happy with that.

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On 4/29/2011 at 7:10 PM, edgeofnight said:

Last year, I attended 'An Evening with Ted Danson' at NYC's Paley Center, and they played a clip of his from Somerset. To me, that made the whole evening! He talked very warmly about his days on the show. Most actors, when they make it big, seem to want to 'forget' their days on soaps, but, fortunately, we have people like Ted Danson and Julianne Moore (ATWT) who appreciate the time they spent toiling in the daytime vineyards.


I was thinking about Somerset, and was recalling the Jameson Parker and Georgeann Johnson pairing, which was quite controversial for its day (older woman, younger guy). Little did I realize that, I, myself, would play a 'real-life' Jameson Parker to my lifetime mate. My wife is 25 years my senior, and we've been together 28 years, and married nearly 24 years.

First off, congratulations on a wonderful union!  I am 23 years older than my partner.  Lol

Second, I never watched Somerset because i was born in 1976, but I remember reading that Jamrson and Georgann wanted to push the envelope as far as sexual kinks, but the producers -- and P&G, I'm sure -- were too terrified to try anything out of the ordinary.   

And third, I found a lot of Judith Light/Karen Wolek on youtube and it seems that had it not been for the writers and producer of OLTL,  she never would have had the chance to shine with a groundbreaking story!!  OLTL asked her back many many times for short story arcs, butbshe always refused.  Just as Robin Wright -- in interviews -- denies even having been on SANTA BARBARA and I cannot figure out why!  That show gave her the start to become what she is today!!

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Oh I was so fascinated by this soap when I first read About it! I always wanted to see Some of the Delaney's plotline I loved Marie Wallace in Dark Shadows and has this Soap Opera worked I'm sure she would have been able to make a name for herself as one of Soap History's biggest bitches in the role of India Delaney I watched a clip with her and was hooked it's a pity I never found more

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