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Well I definitely applaud them. Yes, they could have done much much better at least with one of them storylines. But the messages were never lost on me. I was more than touched by Stuart and Lily. @j swift what did you feel about Spike storyline? I remember being so happy they were giving that to one of Erica’s grandchildren. 

Stuart portrayal was like a combination of many different types of disorders imo. He represented to me a lot of the fredo Corleone’s of the world. He was so relatable, I saw so many people I knew in him.  I saw some of myself in Stuart, he inspired me, gave me hope too. I’m sure Agnes could have done a better job at giving him a clear illness, I’m fine with the way things played out though. I have a cousin who is kinda special needs(not sure if that’s the right term, my apologies if it isn’t) and he has went on to have many relationships and have children. I don’t believe he’s capable of taking care of himself or the children, but he has them.


I do agree with you, about these missed opportunities, especially with Lily and Jonathan. Do you think every social issue or Character driven storyline is soapy enough, to be told?!



Are you guys excited to hear Wisner Washam new interview? 


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2 hours ago, DemetriKane said:

Are you guys excited to hear Wisner Washam new interview? 



Oh yes! Wisner Washam! The show should have persuaded him to come out of retirement and return after MM's last stint.

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On 4/16/2021 at 11:52 PM, j swift said:

I was reading the weekly synopses of the introduction to the character of Stuart Chandler and it got me thinking.  I don't want to use the term "offensive" because I did not feel that way.  However, in retrospect, it was not just politically incorrect, but also poorly written and acted. 


First, it seems like a choice that Stuart's "mental problems" were always obtuse.  Was he psychotic?  Well, there were no hallucinations or delusions.  Did he have Autism?  Well, he maintained romantic relationships with two women, which would suggest that he did not have delays in socialization, and he did not display any restrictive interests or repetitive movements.  Was he intellectually deficient?  Well he seemed capable of taking care of his adaptive skills such as cooking and cleaning himself.  The lack of diagnosis seemed to be in the service of not having to advocate for any specific disease, but it left many open questions.


Second, his portrayal as being cute and immature was disrespectful of people with brain injuries.  Most men with brain injuries do not indicate their level of impairment by wearing crewneck sweaters.  And men with structural damage to their cortex don't speak like little boys or want to play with toys.  Writing and acting the character of Stuart as lovable because he seemed younger than his age was problematic.  Could he consent to a sexual relationship with Marion given his level of functioning?  Who knew, because it was so ill defined.


As I recall AMC got accolades for the portrayal of Stuart and fans enjoyed his romances with Cindy and Marion.  But, given my own experiences knowing people with head injuries, Autism, and chronic mental illness, it was just grossly out of touch.  AMC tried again with the characters of Lily Montgomery and Jonathan Lavery but the acting in both cases was atrocious.  Jonathan's miraculous recovery from a brain injury was worse than when soaps have people spontaneously walk after paralysis, or see after temporary blindness, because Jonathan inexplicably had to act as if he was still delayed in order to maintain his relationship, and then was found out when Jackson heard him speak "normally."  On what planet would that be considered sensitive or tasteful story telling?


I guess we should applaud the efforts to show intellectual diversity.  However, when the only stories for people with disabilities are either about being abused or trying to find love, writers have missed the opportunity to mine the real dramas in the lives of people with neurological differences and their families.


No mental illness is that clear cut -- always exceptions and grey areas. Remember, people who have mental illnesses are people too. Stuart is a lot like my Aunt Mel. Like her, he is simple and childish but is able to take care of herself on a basic level. She could never learn how to drive and her relationship with 'symbols' is off. For example, the lady is, always has been, in poverty. Yet, once she accidentally dropped a 20 dollar bill on the sidewalk and my Aunt Debbye, who has back problems, told her about it. Aunt Mel said, "Oh, I'll just get it later". Aunt Debbye grabbed it, hurting her back a bit, and tried to explain to her 60 year old sister the significance of the bill but she simply couldn't grasp it (Now, Mel lives with her).


I also know that Mel had been married and had a boyfriend for about 15 years. But, can she ever drive? No. Could she raise a child, MAYBE with a lot of support. I know she's very artistic as well, like Stuart.


Regarding Stuart, his early psychotic tenancies were a result of being gaslit by Adam and Joanne (his first wife).


Nothing distasteful about the situation with Stuart. However, I do find your rigid and black/white view of mental handicap HIGHLY offensive and crass. Please, remember that people with disabilities have personalities too.

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On 4/26/2021 at 3:16 AM, DRW50 said:

I think this is Gil Rogers in the Stroh ad at about an hour and 8 minutes. Does anyone recognize the woman? 


Brynn Thayer appears earlier in an Anacin ad.


(3) WMAQ Channel 5 - NBC Network - The Big Event - "The Time Machine" (Complete Broadcast, 11/5/1978) - YouTube

She kinda resembles Laurie Walters from Eight is Enough.

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