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16 minutes ago, j swift said:

I have a general Roscoe Born question - He famously quit AMC because his character Jim was going to be in a pedophile storyline, but then he played "Terrible" Tom on Y&R who was cast as a pedophile.


I know the simple answer is money, but I wonder if anyone recalls if Mr. Born was ever interviewed on the subject?


Tom was a child abuser, Kevin was the pedophile.

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On 10/1/2018 at 11:21 PM, victoria foxton said:




I was just watching this and maybe I'm just being reading too much in because I know the show was having problems at this time, but I was surprised at such old school gaffes, like that call girl Andrew is sleeping with messing up her lines, and that woman with Cliff (who was she?) nearly knocking the table over! 


There's always something so fascinating about the bloated quality of '80s AMC. Going from the Hubbards being in a hostage crisis (hostage crises are usually a quick way to tell a show is running out of ideas) to Cliff and his lady love having a cozy meal. 


James Mitchell was so sexy back in that era. 


Did Stephen Caffrey want to leave the show? The comments say he was trying to help out Tad and Dottie. I always just thought his stories involved his mother and Palmer. 


Did Greg have any actual story by this point or was he just marking time? I wonder if he would have stuck around if Larry Lau hadn't quit (I know they had an ill-fated recast).

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2 hours ago, danfling said:

Following the departure of Laurence Lau, the role of Greg was recast - twice, I think.

Don Scardino filled in for Larry Lau in 1984

After Lau left in 86, he was replaced in the role by Jack Armstrong who was also Kevin Buchanan on OLTL in 1994-95

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