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Jeremy Hunter learns that his father, Alex, and Erica Kane may have been trapped in a landslide in Canada, where Erica had travelled to interview a famous author; Angie Hubbard tells a friend that though she would like to quit her job with the research team due to understaffing and her discomfort with the advances of Dr. John Voight, she feels compelled to stay, motivated by a visit from a world famous Korean doctor who congratulated her on her work and told her the team appeared to be on the verge of an important breakthrough; Brooke English warns Tom Cudahy that a case is building against him over the murder of her lover, Gilles St. Clair, and she asks him how he can explain why Jesse Hubbard saw him in the lobby of the Valley Inn the night of the murder though he says he wasn't there; Phoebe Tyler Wallingford gives husband Langley a gift of a toupŽe to replace the one he sacrificed so he could buy her a Christmas gift; Phoebe expresses shock to Langley that Brooke is writing a series of articles about the life and death of Gilles for the sleazy "National Intruder" tabloid; Tom begs Brooke not to write the series, telling her it will destroy her journalistic integrity, but she counters that without a job, she has no career to destroy; Jeremy decides to charter a plane and fly to the sight of the landslide in Canada in an effort to rescue Alex and Erica; Jeremy asks Alex's wife Natalie why she told him that Alex and Erica were due to arrive home tonight when they obviously had no such intention; Natalie says Alex told her so and that he appears to be up to his old tricks again; Dr. Voight insists that Angie come to his house for dessert and she reluctantly accepts; Adam Chandler arrives at Jeremy's house and offers his private jet to Jeremy, who accepts; at his house, Voight harasses Angie, implying that he will not send his letter of recommendation to the fellowship committee on her behalf unless she sleeps with him; Tom asks Phoebe to help dissuade Brooke from writing the "Intruder" series, suggesting she tell Brooke how all the publicity will affect baby Laura; Charlie Brent visits Julie Chandler while she is babysitting Laura at Brooke's house; at the Valley Inn Brooke bribes a chambermaid to gain entry to Gilles' room; a furious Angie tells Voight he won't get away with harassing her, as she leaves his house; Salange surprises Brooke by entering Gilles' room, claiming she noticed the door ajar; Salonge berates Brooke for exploiting Gilles' death for personal gain; when the Frenchwoman leaves, Brooke takes several small items of evidence from the room, including a piece of blood-stained wallpaper; Angie arrives home agitated, but pretends nothing is wrong when Jesse arrives and tells her that his business finally made a profit; lovestruck teens Charlie and Julie kiss; in her mind's eye, Brooke recalls a wound on Tom's hand; while Tom and Cliff Warner talk at a bar, Cliff gets a message that Brooke wants to see him; Charlie stops at his grandmother Phoebe's house and tells her he's met a girl; Phoebe tells Charlie she'd like to meet the girl to see if she is deserving of his attentions; though Natalie tries to keep him from going, Jeremy leaves to search for Alex and Erica; Phoebe visits Brooke and tries to convince her not to pen the tabloid articles, but Brooke is in no mood for Phoebe's meddling and shortly asks her to leave; Cliff calls Brooke, tells her the stain is human blood -- not belonging to Gilles -- and says he wants to know what's going on.

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Pratt talks about AMC in the interview he basically said that what Lucci said about him telling the actor's forget what they know about their character wasn't true, that he never said that.

He says he has no regrets about his time at AMC, he didn't always have support or support in the right direction, but didn't notice it at the time. He didn't agree strongly with moving the show to L.A., he said he thought "wow we're letting accountants figure out the future of the show", and they were uprooting every actor and blamed it on him cause he lived in Los Angeles.

He loves where Adam killed Stuart, he thought that was a great story, that the audience wanted to kill him. He loved doing the gay marriage. He supposes there are things he should regret, but doesn't. He filled up fives shows a week with exciting stuff. He thought the show was good when he was there. The only thing he didn't like was when people said, when the show was canceled two years later, that people blamed him and didn't know how you could do that.

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He badmouthed and/or dismissed the cast throughout his tenure (the low point being when he went to the press to say they'd better shape up if they're going to work with Jamie Luner, or whatever it was), and he's upset he didn't get more support?

The gay marriage story was an insult. An insult. Reese was craving cock before and after that marriage. What a great message to send out.

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