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I love Brandon's secretary having no time for Erica.

Tricia Pursley reminds me of Rebecca Mader with that hairstyle. It's much more flattering than the short 83-84 style I remember.

Mark grossing her out talking about having kids w/her mom...tongue.png .

Palmer being Palmer! Sean being a sleaze... I don't remember Betsy being a homewrecker.

The never seen Roger Kingsley mentions. I've never heard him spoken about, I saw the name in a book. I wonder if they ever planned to cast him. It would have been funny if Roger were Larry Lau. Then we would never have had Natalie Ross' Enid Nelson.

Erica's lots of fun here, although I can see why she exhausted the people in her life. "The world loves lovers!" She had it all but this seemed to only encourage her naivete. I laughed when she said that even though Sara wore dowdy clothes, she must appreciate money. I also really enjoyed her brief scene with Mark. I want to see more of that relationship.

Not playing Nina's fantasy as camp (the way many fantasy sequences go) was a wise choice, as it helps explain her decision. Those scenes were great, although I did laugh when she was zoning out at the phone repairman.
I wonder how fans at the time felt seeing Nancy Frangione (ex-Tara) getting frisky in the bathtub.

Palmer is so controlling and mean and dismissive to Donna. And this is before all that with her and Chuck sleeping together, right? You know you usually just see this era in terms of him controlling Nina as Daisy and Myra cluck at him, but there's a whole other, very unpleasant side. This also reinforces to me even more that he wouldn't have been with Opal long-term.

I can see why some fans at the time seemed to have little patience for Devon. She's a huge mess. At first I wondered if they were hinting at pairing her with Mark (her ex-stepfather).

I really wish someone would post more episodes from this era.

I loved how naive Erica was about her affair with Brandon; it was obvious to everyone around her that he wasn't leaving Sarah but Erica just didn't believe it.

Palmer was such a control freak to everybody but Daisy who didn't let him manipulate her. This was before Donna slept with Chuck in Switzerland.

Nina's fantasy was a great way to show why she agreed to go along with Sybil's scheme.

As a youngster, I was riveted by Betsy and Wally fighting their feelings for the sake of Devon's mental health, but seeing the scenes here as an adult this story just seems so lame.

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As I recall, Dr. Lynn Carson (Donna Pescow) was Bonnie McFadden's pediatrician who was also a lesbian.

I loved Devon! She is one of my favorite All My Children characters!

There is a Progressive Insurance commercial in which customers are greeted by Flo and are very suprised to see her. Right after Flo greets the little baby, a woman with long hair is seen smiling. She strongly resembles Trisha Pursley, who played Devon.

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I remember how the writing and storytelling was leading up to the scene when Devon threw herself into Lynn's arms. Yeah, it was groundbreaking, but somehow the whole story had kind of an "Afterschool Special" feeling about it. Tricia Pursley and Donna Pescow did the best they could do with the writing and the direction, but it just didn't quite work. I'm guessing ABC Standards and Practices was watching this story like a hawk, down to every last line of dialogue.

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Don't know if someone post it already but:

Talk about powerful, eerie, and ahead of it's time. Soaps would never do anything so gritty nowadays.

The whole Erica rape story was riveting to me, and it's still riveting now. I was 14 when that storyline started, and even now at 36 there are some scenes I can't watch in one sitting because I find it too disturbing - I have to pause it and walk away for a while. It was soapy, thrilling, tragic, and scary all at the same time, and you could see these characters hurtling toward the edge of a cliff, but you couldn't do anything to stop it. Erica, Dimitri, Kendall, Mona and Bianca were so incredibly watchable from early 1993 through spring 1994.

As much as I loved that storyline, there were a few things that I wish the writers had done to flesh it out more and provide a better motivation for the characters. First, Kendall knew exactly how old Erica was when she was born, so it didn't make sense to me that she hated Erica for "throwing her away." Erica was clearly too young to raise a child. I could understand Kendall hating that she was deprived of a life of fame and glory and wealth because Erica went on to be THE Erica Kane without her, but it just was strange that she hated Erica for a decision Mona made. Mona even told Kendall that SHE made the choice to put her up for adoption, not Erica, but Erica was the one who bore the brunt of Kendall's wrath. Second, again because Kendall knew how old Erica was, even if she wanted to believe that her father was not a filthy rapist, even if she wanted to believe his lie that the sex was consensual, no one disputed Erica's age. It was her BIRTHDAY PARTY - Richard Fields knew how old she was. Erica told Kendall it happened on her 14th birthday. It should have been obvious to Kendall that Erica was too young to consent and this was -at a bare minimum - a statutory rape case. I thought it would have made Kendall more sympathetic if Richard Fields had insisted that Erica claimed to be older, that she pretended to be 16 or 17 even, and Kendall had clung to that belief because she didn't want to believe the truth.

The other thing I wish the writers had done was explained Dimitri's motivation a bit better. He really pushed Erica to accept Kendall as her daughter and for them to have a relationship. I've always assumed that he did so because of his own experience with Edmund, and he thought it would be better in the long run if they accepted each other as family as quickly as possible. The problem was that he came off as pushy and arrogant and frankly stupid because he had no parenting experience but was telling Erica how to parent her own kids. I also wish that his motivation for helping Kendall find Richard Fields had been flushed out a little bit better. Dimitri was a control freak, and I think he agreed to help Kendall because he figured she'd search with or without his help, and if he helped her, he could at least exert some control over the situation. I think he also naively believed that she really would find closure and would drop the whole thing. Unfortunately I don't think the writers did a great job of having him explain his actions, and it turned some fans against the Erica/Dimitri pairing as a result.

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