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Thanks for the Silver clips and information.

The character played by Lisa Eichorn was named Elizabeth Carlisle.

The character of Julie disappeared, I think, because Lauren Holly (the second actress to play the role) wanted to leave the show. Julie had very little to do during the last months (probably in anticipation of the end of her contract) except bond with her grandfather, Eric Kane (played by Albert Stratton).

They also tried to put her in a triangle with Jackson and Erica, though that didn't seem to last long or go anywhere. She said goodbye in a Christmas episode where she went off to work at some law firm.

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It was a very different type of character.

The stuff where she lied about being raped and was trying to make Natalie paranoid about being raped again was chilling to watch, although it really was too heavy for the overall tone of AMC, even if that was ultimately a very heavy year for AMC, period.

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Years ago, I wrote a treatment for an AMC/The City crossover s/l with a young man financially provided for by Sydney Chase who was the son of her chauffeur Samuel and Silver Kane. I later had an idea for the boy and his grandmother, Goldie, coming Pine Valley to stir the pot and settle some old scores, and Goldie and Vanessa Bennett would have had a comical snarky frenemy relationship going back to their days in Hollywood being two-timed by Eric. ANYway...

I wonder if the show was too invested in doing *big!* stories for Erica to ever concern themselves with bringing on a bunch of relatives for her. Of course she had domestic type drama with her parents and siblings, but it wasn't until her girls were grown that you saw Erica truly sharing the spotlight/playing support in family storylines.

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