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AMC Tribute Thread


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aww, I teared up on that one. thanks for posting it...thanks to everyone for all the great pictures, magazine articles and videos.

I found out about AMC shortly after it first aired. Would leave high school campus at lunch and go to a friend's house and watch. Got hooked on Phil & Tara & the Vietnam war story and all the other relevance this soap had to my life. I'd keep up on characters and the stories off and on during summer break, then throughout college years. After college I became a OTR truck driver and would pull over and try to find AMC on my TV every once in awhile (I had a regular stop in LA; I'd schedule arrival while they were closed for lunch so I could hop in the sleeper and watch my show). I bought a VCR shortly after they were on the market, I was off the road by then and in a stressful managerial position...I'd come home and watch my soap and escape (Calgon take me away... No, AMC was much better! I would compare Adam's horrid practices to some of crap from co-workers, etc). I have continued to watch AMC faithfully since. It is my escape, entertainment, enjoyment of seeing attractive people (for the most part), and the continuity that has continued through my adult life. Like reading a book that just keeps going and going...sometimes gripping, sometimes a snooze. But always there.

I will miss it all greatly. There will be a void. I will miss Erica most I think.

thanks for the memories amc.

a long time lurker at SON

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