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The Wendy Williams Thread

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Yeah, I remember a classmate passing out in acting class while doing a breathing/relaxation exercise and his speech was slurred for a bit when he came to.


Never read the comments, as they say, I  was so annoyed by what people were typing on the YouTube video, i.e., her faking it.  We all know Wendy is extra, anything she does is over-the-top, and an experience as frightening as passing out on live television is no exception.  In those brief seconds when the lights go out so to speak and you lose control, your mind races and you wonder if you're just passing out or dying, how long will you be out or will you be out forever, will you be the same person when you come to, WILL you come to...?


It's hot under those studio lights, she was wearing a headpiece on top of a wig and a fabric that doesn't look very breathable.  Her diet is not the same as it once was.  She's been dealing with personal issues.  The recipe is there.

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I got some tea for you! A month or two ago there were rumors about Wendy's husband cheated which she dispelled on her show. Well yesterday her husband was seen in public with the alleged mistress driving around with her  in the bently he bought with Wendy's money, after he dropped Wendy off at work. Wendy knows about them. Heck they may even have an open marriage but he's being sloppy with it. I bet this stress contributed to her fainting


People are speculating that the mistress is pregnant and may be engaged to Kevin based on the big diamond on her ring finger














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Messy af!


And I think that Bentley truck is homely. 

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