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Basketball Wives on VH1

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They're back!


Royce: "You say she's a jump off but Im gonna just say she's a ho. It is what it is. She got a whole garden just full of hoing" :lol: Royce looked so beautiful in the premiere, so much better than the last 2 seasons. Her hair and makeup was right

Dont like new girl Meeka. She is such a snake. She's even worse than Suzie when it coems to spreading your business around town. And how dare she try to get at Royce for hooking up with a player. He wasnt your man and Dwight wasnt married. Really she had no business bringing that up

My opinion of Shaunie is starting to change. I liked how neutral she's been in the past but it seems battle lines are drawn and she's sticking with Evelyn and Jennifer

Tami, dont trust Suzie! You are right about not wanting to be associated with her

Evelyn...I cant beleive she is making "MFing nonfactor" t-shirts. Actually I do bc she's low down and dirty. She clearly doesnt give a damn about Tami so why try and front about being remorseful. And to offer to donate some of the proceeds to a charity of Tami's choice. Is this bitch for real? She is so childish and unnecesarily continuing this drama. Tami is right in that she was nothing but a glorified jumpoff.

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It's kind of messed up for the show I'm thinking that they offered the epi before it's premiere. I love that Tami's on the show she just turned it up a knotch! So many quotables

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I think I'm officially hooked on this show. It's so freaking good!

I love Tami. There's something so natural about her and yet there's a vulnerability even when she's dropping those F bombs and looking tore up. I love that she tried once again (in vain) to dissuade Evelyn from those ridiculous T shirts and explained her reasons. The fact that Evelyn had the audacity to tell her she was willing to share the proceeds with her for her charity was ridiculous. And then she topped it by claiming she was trying to turn a negative into a positive. UGH! She's such a nasty bitch. There's nothing that's even remotely pleasant about that woman. She looks slutty, dirty and her mouth looks stank from all the hoeing she's been doing over the years.

I continue to love Royce. I can't believe the producers wanted to get rid of her. Her "garden of hoeing" was priceless. "Roses here... cabbage there..." all the while providing a visual with her hands. :lol:

Shaunie's starting to bug. She and her "neutral" ass is as fake as they come.

Susie - irrelevant.

Meeka is trouble for sure. Nobody trusts her because she already started with the badmouthing and she ain't friends with none of 'em. She definitely wants to be in Evelyn's clique but they already got her number. And home girl needs to tighten her weave. Just sayin'.

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^^^Why the heck is Evelyn making 15 thousand per epi and the other girls are making 7 thousand? Evelyn is the fakest of them all and the most boring to me at least after Jen. I love Tami and Royce. An if Evelyn thinks Chad ain't going to cheat, she must be smoking.

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Meeka looks like a bug and she's a snake for sure. She's badmouthing Royce behind her back and smiling in her face but Tami has her number! How did she find out? I guess one of the producers told her to get the drama poppin' :lol:

If I were Royce I would be thinking WTF too with Susie bending over backwards to become Evelyn's friend again. And now Susie is "innocently" claiming she's caught in the middle between Royce and Evelyn's clique. Bitch!

ETA: I'm catching up on Season 2. Had no idea Star's ex was on the show. This dude is so obviously gay. It's unbelievable Star didn't notice this before she married him. And what the hell went down in Vegas that had Evelyn foaming at the mouth. And I can't believe Jennifer was worrying about her marriage even back then. Sheesh!

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BW is great escapism but the girls need more than getting together talking about why they don't like the other side. It's old and it's getting repetitive. Could you imagine the ATL housewives doing the same? There's only so many segments Royce can call Eveleyn a hoe. The scenes with her dad not wanting her to dive into another relationship so quickly were good. The show needs more of this. They didn't show much of Jennifer because if she isn't kissing Evelyn's ass there's nothing for her to do. Susie is boring and irrelevant and unless Meeka is going to provide more than gossip then she needs to go. Why should we care about the feud with Tami and Meeka if all they're going to do is trade insults at each other. Producers need to tighten it up.

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IA. I loved Royce's scenes with her dad. That was a rare raw emotional moment from her. Good stuff.

Meeka needs to go. I cant stand her and her gossipping.

IA on Suzie. I cant stand to watch her bc of her mouth. There's something about it that bothers me. She adds nothing to the show and should have been canned last season.

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Oh sh-t, Gloria's skank sister is on it! She's the one that allegedly screwed Shaq while Shaunie was married to him. I wonder if they'd do a crossover bc I want to see those two have a confrontation

Ugh! Just saw that Gloria was going to be a main cast member. Was not looking forward to seeing her agian

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I'm excited but skeptical. BW can be a great franchise if they got better women to showcase. The little I saw of Gloria was boring, and as a headliner? Come on now. If the franchise want to expand they need to get women of famous basketball players who can bring the drama and dish the dirt!

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That cast looks so unattractive and underwhelming. It's a shame they rushed Football Wives. That probably would've worked better as the first spin-off had it been launched now. Then try to do a Basketball Wives in another city.

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My goodness, that Meeka bitch was so annoying in the last episode. I cant believe she is starting drama with Tami. The nerve of ehr to insert herself into Tami's conversation when no one was talking to her and starting insulting her. I wanted Tami to pull her by her weave and knock some sense into her

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