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Best Daytime Soap Opera of 2010

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Best Soap of 2010  

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  1. 1. What was the best daytime soap opera of 2010?

    • All My Children
    • As the World Turns
    • The Bold and the Beautiful
    • Days of our Lives
    • General Hospital
    • One Life to Live
    • The Young and the Restless

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I voted for AMC. B&B is close behind it for me, but I didn't choose it because I've only been watching since June. But I think it's the best soap on the air right now. I watched AMC, DAYS, & GH for all of this year and thinking about all of them I think AMC had the best year. Highlights would be David & Greenlee's wedding, Brooke's return, her reunion with Adam, Palmer's memorial, his will, Angie's storyline, JR & Annie, & everything surrounding Zach's death (pretty much Kendall and her reaction to it). I think the shows best episode was the 6/25/10 episode that centered around the Hubbard's and Angie, where she found out she was blind. There's also the episodes from September when JR and Annie slept together and Scott found out. Weak points would have to be Ryan/Greenlee (when they started getting closer), and the whole David murder trial which was completely boring up until David waltzed in the courtroom a few weeks ago. Right now the show isn't as good as it was earlier in the year for me, mainly because of Ryan/Greenlee, but I still think it's been the best overall this year.

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At the risk of being massacred..I voted for Y&R.

Days was my first thought. But honestly, in July (very EARLY) right after Alic's memorial, i lost interest SO fast. Too much repetition with Chloe and Daniel. And I haven't been able to get back to it since, so I just couldn't really judge on 2010 as a whole.

B&B was another one, but honestly it was soooo drawn out. I felt like there were two storylines the whole year, each lasting 6 months. Sometimes it caught my interest, but I often watched like once a week and was able to stay afloat with the storylines. So..not too thrilling.

AMC and ATWT are the ones I viewed the least. I genrally only saw one or two episdoes a week, so I can't accurately judge them.

OLTL was a mixed bag. I thought it was on fire from January-March. It lost my interest through June. July picked up a little, but went back into a slump and hasn't started picking up for me until now.

GH...Well, Gh is GH. Some good stuff mixed in with a whole hell of a lot of disappointment.

Y&R always kept me interested. Even if it was character destruction and crazy out there plots, it kept my eye to the TV. So even though not all of it was "quality", I found a lot of it to be good. Not all of it. But even the bad stuff kept my eye on the TV, so that's saying more than any other soap. Therefore that's why it got my vote.

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