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Best Daytime Soap of the 1970's?



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  1. 1. In your opinion, which was the best daytime drama of the 70's that's still on air?

    • Days of our Lives
    • General Hospital
    • All My Children
    • One Life to Live
    • The Young and the Restless
  2. 2. In your opinion, which was the best daytime drama of the 70's that's no longer on air?

    • As The World Turns
    • Another World
    • Guiding Light
    • The Edge of Night
    • The Doctors
    • Ryan's Hope
    • Search for Tomorrow
    • Somerset
    • Where the Heart Is
    • Love of Life

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Forgive me for my rudeness, and with all due respect to the creator of this poll, I believe that this poll is a flawed one: by separating out the current and cancelled soaps (and forcing us to choose one from each category), it makes it impossible for us to choose and measure which soap was truly the best of the 1970's.

While some others might disagree, I believe that the general concensus is that the now-cancelled soaps were better (on the whole) in the 70's than the soaps that are still around. Like I mentioned previously, AW was the gold standard of the decade. (In fact, many consider Harding Lemay's AW to be the best soap of any decade.) Furthermore, ATWT (which was the most popular soap of the decade) and EON (which featured the brilliant writing of Henry Slesar) were among the decade's best as well.

Of the soaps remaining on the air, only AMC had a consistently good decade. While Y&R made a big splash when it debuted, it really did not hit its stride until the early-80's. DOOL was experiencing its golden age in the first half of the 70's, but faltered in the second half of the decade. Even though OLTL was of good quality, it ratings were below average, and it could hardly have been rated as the decade's best. Finally, GH had a disastrous decade, except during the 1970-71 season (when it featured a hot story that made it #2 in the ratings) and again at the very end of the decade when Gloria Monty took over.

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