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1 hour ago, BoldRestless said:

I was pleasantly surprised they showed some brief old clips on Friday's show.  What month/year is this from? I've seen this scene come up in a number of montages over the years. It can't be Halloween 1981 because Nikki doesn't find out Victor's identity until early November. 

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It’s got to be sometime btw Nov ‘81 - Feb ‘82, before the pregnancy story started, and Victor and Nikki were in their “My Fair Lady” phase

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2 hours ago, yrfan1983 said:

It’s got to be sometime btw Nov ‘81 - Feb ‘82, before the pregnancy story started, and Victor and Nikki were in their “My Fair Lady” phase


I'm debating with myself whether this is before or after NYE 1981, when Nikki says "you can kiss like that, you've been holding out on me." Since this kiss is so quick, I think this scene must have been November or December 1981. I guess I always thought this scene would be from some kind of masquerade ball and I was always curious the context of it. There's nothing like that in the recaps from that time. I vaguely remember reading something about Victor getting Nikki French lessons, but I can't find that reference now, so I'm thinking he got her to dress as Marie Antoinette to study French? LOL. 


Another scene from 1981 I had always been curious about that pops up in a lot of montages was the one where Nikki finds a ring in an oyster. Always thought it made no sense for it to be an engagement ring since it was clearly too early. Randomly popped across it when going through my 1998 DVDs as Victor remember a long piece of that scene, and it turns out he was just teaching her how oysters are made ("diamond in the rough" analogy?). I uploaded it to 1981 clips and I'll upload these ones once I figure out all the dates. 

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On 6/7/2021 at 11:15 AM, yrfan1983 said:

Thanks as always @BoldRestless ! it was cool on 3/4/97 to see Kevin Spirtas as the sleazy guy trying to pick up Nina. He went on later in '97 to begin his role on Days as Dr. Craig Wesley.

Was the bar supposed to be the same bar from Jan '88 that Nina and Esther went to? Looked similar...


Does anyone have the next following episode when Kevin Spirtas as the sleazy guy gets busted for drugging Nina?

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