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5 hours ago, Bundy1965 said:

I accidentally uploaded 2002-05-01 in April 2002


I fixed it.

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 Thanks so much for all the videos! 

1 hour ago, Bundy1965 said:

the episode in the vault 2002-03-12 = 2002-03-11


Hoping @ChickenNuggetz92has the real March 12 or knows who uploaded those?


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51 minutes ago, ChickenNuggetz92 said:

Mmm... I just got the episodes from the RR YouTube Channel but I can double check!

It's the same episode as March 11, when March 12 is correct than March 11 isn't.

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More from the Anonymous Angel.  I am almost done! Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate!


Playlist: Kay is Jill's mother
I didn't divide these by date since all of the full episodes are available on the RR YouTube channel. I had to trim opening credits on some of these so the ones in the vault may be better. A controversial storyline but it was still interesting to watch this.



January 23, 2004 clip 
Brittany is electrocuted



July 4, 2007 clip



October 22, 2003 clip
Kay leaves town (70s clips)



October 23, 2003 clip
Matt visits Victor



I also isolated and enlarged some cool clips from the end credits that are pretty rare. They were in honor of Y&R's 30th anniversary.

March 1981 - Victor traps Michael Scott in the dungeon!



May 29, 1992 - Victor's heart attack - I've never seen that much of the scene before. A real shame this episode has never come up in full, I'd love to see it (it's also the one where Nina gives Ryan a sportscar).


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Have the scenes in which Ashley and Victor talked about the abortion in the rain been uploaded yet?


How about the sanitareum scenes?


Also, can someone give me a timeline of 80s Ashley? I'm really curious about what led up to the abortion and the nervous breakdown (and when it all happened).

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17 minutes ago, BoldRestless said:

Ashley in the sanitarium is clip (187) from 1987. The abortion scenes were uploaded somewhere in 1986 but I can't find them at the moment.

And why was she locked away? What all led to it?

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The clip, in the rain, after the abortion is number 121 in 1986.

She was locked away because she snapped and had a breakdown.  She just mentally couldn't handle having had the abortion.  She had the abortion because she overheard a conversation between Victor and Casey, Nikki's sister, where they discussed that Nikki was dying.  Ashley had jut found out that she was pregnant and was going to tell Victor.  Now, she didn't want to take him from his dying wife.  She doesn't tell Victor why she aborted the baby until 1987.


Ashley had a previous mental breakdown, in 1985, when she found out that John wasn't her biological father.  Completely snapped both times.  No recollection of who she was.

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