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Your Welcome! smile.png

No need to rush, and I'm probably uploading too fast anyways....haha.

I wish I knew what happen to BoldRestless, since she had some more 93 dates I didn't have.....we were already planning to share our uploads in sync with our dates so you guys could watch in the correct order but she hasn't be around for months it seems like.......I know I could've waited a bit longer but I just felt the need to share what I had ahead of time cause it's been a while.....I will try to contact her at some point...

I still need to upload 9/30/93 at some point since youtube keeps blocking it and my videos never show up when I try to upload on dailymotion.....

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Thanks for the continuing uploads for Y&Rfan23!! Y&R was airing at 3PM the CBS station where I lived at the time so a lot of this I remember so well yet somehow in the annals of Y&R history its always been overlooked from Lillie Belle causing chaos to the high level of tension surrounding Cole/Victoria to the insidious Robert making his sadistic threats. Throw in Miles and Margret and the forgotten possibility of Jed Sanders being Nina's long lost father and you know, this is the Y&R I fell in love with. I hope summer 1993 Y&R eventually surfaces honestly not too much comes close to touching Y&R 1992-1994.

One question though I have to ask was believable was J. Eddie Peck as Cole at the time? Although I saw his Tommy McKay work later on at the time I did remember from being on Days as one of Jennifer's not Jack boyfriends. Obviously Peck was Y&R's answer to Gabrielle Carteris...

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