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7 minutes ago, Titus Andronicus said:


Yeah, this seems to be a very weird coincidence. Unless Laemmle had some secrets.

Well, you never know. I don't know how public the situation was leading up to Sunny's vegetative state, but the last coma she slipped into was the the third such incident, so maybe she heard about the earlier incident in April 1980 and ran with it. I doubt it, but it's possible.

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2 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

In the correspondence Jason posted between Betty Corday and Bill Bell I recall the subject of the budget coming up repeatedly.


PS Jason, are those letters still available on your website? I looked but couldn't locate them.


I thought I had them somewhere. A quick check of my index page found this!





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3 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

Looking at those figures for Tommy some of them seem so random eg 2 appearances in May 73. What was happening that suddenly demanded Tommy's presence?

It would be interesting to know the background.


At least Tommy was a presence throughout the 70's so John Lupton must have been happy enough to appear from time to time. It's a pity he wasn't used in the 80's for Xmas visits or when Sandy was on the show.


As to why Tommy wasn't used after 1970 in any meaningful capacity there could have been any number of BTS issues.

Firstly with a half hour format there was probably no room for Tommy to get a new romance and storyline and budget was probably an issue as well.


In the correspondence Jason posted between Betty Corday and Bill Bell I recall the subject of the budget coming up repeatedly.


PS Jason, are those letters still available on your website? I looked but couldn't locate them.

Looking at Lupton's IMDB page he appeared in a lot of TV shows and films at Universal. I wonder of he had a studio contract with them ? Universal was one of the last studios that had the system of contract players till 1983. I read in the 80's he got into computers and worked for a tech company and would act occasionally. 

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John Lupton died on November 1993. I guess this is the reason TPTB didn't brought back his character for his dad's funeral held in June 1994. 


I wish I could see the story of Marie falling for her brother and the whole Kitty/Sandy/Tommy reunion.. but I guess this will not happen. ever. 

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13 hours ago, asafi said:

John Lupton died on November 1993. I guess this is the reason TPTB didn't brought back his character for his dad's funeral held in June 1994. 


I wish I could see the story of Marie falling for her brother and the whole Kitty/Sandy/Tommy reunion.. but I guess this will not happen. ever. 

I wish to see it as well, but it would only happen if they opened up their archives to stream online. A few years ago they showed Susan Hayes first appearance as Julie in 1968 and the footage looked well preserved. 

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10 hours ago, SoapDope said:

I wish to see it as well, but it would only happen if they opened up their archives to stream online. A few years ago they showed Susan Hayes first appearance as Julie in 1968 and the footage looked well preserved. 


I'd assume most (if not all) of DAYS have been kept since it started airing in Australia in 1968. On the Days of Days page they showed parts of the 1965 (?) Christmas episode and that was also well-preserved.

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15 hours ago, te. said:


I'd assume most (if not all) of DAYS have been kept since it started airing in Australia in 1968. On the Days of Days page they showed parts of the 1965 (?) Christmas episode and that was also well-preserved.


The entire Days archive is preserved as far as I know from the original NBC masters.

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14 hours ago, JAS0N47 said:


The entire Days archive is preserved as far as I know from the original NBC masters.


So how can we receive access to episodes from late 60's and 70's? 

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1 hour ago, asafi said:


So how can we receive access to episodes from late 60's and 70's? 

So far you can't. Corday apparently says he doesn't understand why anyone would want to see the old episodes. 


Though I swore I read on that lawsuit that it was actually Sony that was keeping a lid on the vintage episodes? I dunno. Either way, the answer is apply pressure to NBC, Corday and Sony, and don't expect much. 

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  Sorry, y'all. I got caught up in writing the DAYS '79 fanfic, I neglected updating everyone on 1980. I think I'm subconsciously dreading what's coming, tbh.


Let's get to this nonsense:




Neil and Liz are seeing each other more and more. Neil's quenching that thirst, getting a room at a cheap motel for him and Liz to hook up, where he *gasp* insinuates that Liz could convince him to be monogamous! I'll believe it when I see it.


After checking up on Lee, Liz and Neil have lunch, where Liz fills Neil in on Lee's shady dealings in the past. She tells Neil about her tendency to latch onto other women's men. Well, you'll LOVE Neil then...


Max continues to be the weird overlord of the Chandler family (which I still cannot figure out the reason for), and tells Kellam that Liz and Neil are seeing each other, that they should not see each other, and that Kellam should find a husband for Liz. Kellam asks if Max also has a suitor in mind for Liz, but Max says nothing. These two are fekking weird.


Neil arranges another quaint rendez-vous with Liz, this time at a cabin in the woods. After returning, Kellam tries to grill Liz about the nature of her relationship with Neil, but Liz responds by simply leaving the room. Kellam then attempts to have Liz go on the campaign trail with Don to try to keep Liz away from Neil, which Liz flatly refuses to do, knowing what her father is up to. Out of spite, she accepts Neil invitation to accompany him at Doug's casino opening.






Doug and Julie are off antique shopping again, where Julie worries Doug is overspending. Doug promises he will watching his pocketbook a little closer once the casino is open. Julie says she'll be keeping her eye on him. The flirtation is beginning anew!


Brent is surprised when Lee tells him that Byron didn't trust Lee with his inheritance, noting that Lee used be able to turn anything into money. Brent is restless to get out of Salem, but sticks around at the promise a big payday from Lee. Lee gives him a deposit on that payday, but not in cash. Instead, she gifts Brent her wedding ring, then cries to Doug that she lost it. Doug say, no worries! The police and insurance company will look into, causing Lee to spill her tea. Doug asks her to go see Neil, since she's apparently so nervous. LOL.


Doug goes to the mall to see Julie, and insists she stop seeing Kellam, as he doesn't trust him. Doug says he'd do anything. Julie point-blank asks him "would you divorce your wife?", but Doug won't, apparently seeing her agitation as anything other than signs that she's a scheming you-know-what. Brent is lurking out in the hallway listening in while this conversation goes on. Doug still wants to go to antique auctions with Julie, despite his concerns about Lee, even overcoming Julie's objections on the matter.


Lee tells Brent she wants her ring back, as she doesn't want the insurance company to be lurking about. Brent counters that, if he gives her the ring back, his days of stalking Doug and Julie for Lee are over. Lee immediately changes her mind. When Neil pays a house call to check on Lee, he finds she has high blood pressure (yeah spending a year manipulating a man into giving you your dead husband's inheritance would do that), and hypertension. Neil recommends Lee have a stay in the hospital. Lee refuses, claiming that her anxiety is simply down to her marriage falling apart. 


Doug apparently is fixated on a mirror he saw at an old inn, and ends up buying it. But when Doug and Julie go to leave with their new purchase, it's stormy outside, and the innkeeper insists they stay the night, assuming they're married. He gives them the bridal suite. Doug and Julie take advantage of their forced evening together, and light candles and get some wine going. After a toast to his 'fair lady', they kiss, then head to bed together. Downstairs, Brent appears, and investigates. After sneaking a peak at the hotel register, he snaps photos of Doug's signature.


Doug and Julie discuss their future, and Doug promises to divorce Lee, on the condition that Julie agree to be his 'fair lady' again. Julie asks if Doug is proposing, but apparently doesn't give him an answer?


Josh gets a call in the morning from Doug, telling him what happened the previous night. Josh agrees to cover for Doug with Lee, and claims Doug came back late and slept at the club, not wanting to disturb Lee, which placates her temporarily. Then she visits Brent, who tells her the truth. It's about to get real! Brent gives Lee 24 hours to make a decision about how to handle Doug's infidelity with Julie. Doug, meanwhile, has decided to divorce Lee (I guess Julie said 'yes'), but, of course, as he says this, Neil calls and tells Doug about Lee's hypertension. He insists Doug not talk about divorcing her now. Doug won't commit to staying married to Lee, but agrees to be gentle with her.

At the shop, Kellam pays Julie a visit, asking her to dinner. Julie decides to pack it in, and tells him that it would be unwise to continue to see him, or to work for him, knowing that Kellam wants more of a relationship between them than Julie does, and hands back the brooch Kellam gave her. Kellam is outraged, asking if she knows what she's giving up. As if to answer the question by way of unintentional visual example, Doug walks in at that exact moment. Kellam realizes Julie's made her choice, and heads out with ego thoroughly bruised. Doug disappoints Julie, however, by telling her of Neil's diagnosis of Lee. He tells Julie, however, that he will separate from Lee, regardless, and will move out of their penthouse, which serves to reassure Julie.


This lasts a whole five seconds. Doug tells Lee anyway that their marriage was a mistake and that it's all over. Lee freaks out, as expected, taking a bunch of sleeping pills after Doug leaves. She's fine, she just nearly sleeps through Brent's deadline is all. Lee sucks at figuring out proper dosage, I guess.


She races to Brent's hotel room, horrified to see his bags already packed. He demands an answer from Lee, which she is so shellshocked from the past few hours, she can't. Brent suggests she give him something to retain him for another day or so, but Lee insists she has nothing more to give. Brent gets sleazy when he has an idea of something she can give him. Lee tries to fight him off, but Brent throws her on the bed and gets on top of her. JEEZ, Nina Laemmle really liked to dip into that rape well, didn't she?


Lee glosses over the previous incident with Brent and decides to go to the hospital, as Neil instructed her to, so that she'll appear more sympathetic to Doug. Neil, concerned, asks Lee about the bruise under her eyes, and she claims she "fell". Lee is a basket case, refusing to talk to the insurance company about her missing ring, which mystifies Neil. Lee insists it's lost forever, and sobs that there's nothing she can do about it now. She is despondent, crying to Doug that he cannot leave her. I...honestly can't tell if this is Lee's trauma response or an Oscar-worthy performance to try to keep her hooks in Doug's bank account.


Liz finds out about Doug and Julie's reunion and is THRILLED! Not only does it mean Kellam loses (not bitter in the slightest, Liz!), but it also means Lee has lost! Sounds like Lee is the one who broke up Liz's last marriage or something, though why would she not recognize her immediately as the other woman? I don't understand. Liz vows eternal friendship to Julie.












Marlena has continued to work with the children's clinic at the hospital, and tells Don she'd like to continue to. Don thinks Marlena just wants to be around kids to find one to adopt to take the sting off of losing DJ. Marlena denies this, and tells him she fears these children will be scarred forever without her help. Don stays angry, and when Kellam offers to send him out of town on the campaign trail, Don jumps at the chance. Marlena would rather not. Kellam is okay with whichever direction Marlena decides, simply happy to have her as part of his campaign.





Marie tells Alex that Tom is very fond of him, and the work he's done for the hospital. Alex admits he did it all for her. When probed by Marie, Alex admits he doesn't love Mary, never did, thinks she's a spoiled brat, and probably should never have married her. Marie tells Alex that he knew this going in, and surmises Alex only married Mary because she was Bob's daughter, therefore $$$. Alex admits it's true. But Marie is put off when Alex suggests he would divorce Mary, claiming it's "morally reprehensible", and suggests Alex thinks that doing one nice thing for the kids at the hospital would grant him absolution, when it won't. Let the nun come out!






MORE GENERATOR DELAYS! Chris is fed up and wants to go fly with Leslie to the trouble spot to see what the hold up is, but Alex, knowing what's really going on, tells him it's a better idea for HIM to go with Leslie instead, reasoning that if something goes wrong at the plant, Chis is better-equipped to handle it. Chris agrees, albeit reluctantly. Chris then changes his mind, not wanting Leslie to be the one to take Alex on his trip. He worries about Leslie's change in attitude toward Alex since he came back from his last business trip (the lesson here, Chris, is stop taking business trips). Chris notes that both Phyllis and Mary have been sucked in by Alex's charm, and now he worries the same is true of Leslie. Leslie balks at Chris' assertion.


David gets mad at Trish AGAIN. This time because David bought Trish a gold bracelet and she has the audacity to show it off to Chris and tell her about David's bonus. Of course, David got the bonus because he was spying on Chris for Alex. When Chris figures it out, he calls Leslie to rush back to Salem immediately. Once back, Chris tells Leslie the news: David has been on Alex's payroll, explaining his icy attitude towards them. Leslie doesn't really care, and tells Chris as much, saying she'll stay friendly to Alex. Chris asks her just how friendly she's been, which offends Leslie. Chis says he refuses to share Leslie with any man (she's a woman, not your marble collection, Chris). Leslie soon hands in her resignation, claiming she won't let Chris walk all over her. Chris tells her he got angry because he cares, and Leslie relents, telling Chris that she is, indeed, in his corner.


This precipitates a sudden chill in the air between Leslie and Alex. Alex asks Leslie out for dinner, but Leslie refuses, saying that, outside of business, she doesn't make it a habit of going out with married men. Better get on that divorce then, Alex!


Chris has to go to Washington on business again, a sure sign everything's about to go to hell. He tells Leslie that he'll have something important to ask her when he gets back. Three guesses what it might be. Chris is worried about leaving Leslie alone at the plant with Alex and Hamlin lurking about. And with good reason, Alex tells Hamlin (SOD really doesn't like using any of the new characters' first names, and I don't care enough about this dope to remember it right now, so you'll just have to bear with me) that he (Alex) set Chris' latest trip up so that Hamlin would have free reign at the plant. Hamlin warns Alex that he may have to hurt Leslie to pull off his plans.


Things start off with David being instructed to keep Leslie busy. But when David presents his schedule to Leslie, she balks at how poorly structured it is, and makes her own. She then finds the factory workers slacking off, and when she confronts Hamlin about it, he shrugs off the responsibility for it, while being typically condescending to her. David is apparently increasingly displeased with Alex's plans, and argues with him over it before having lunch with Trish. Trish arrives at the plant in the middle of the argument, and when it's over, David is snappy as usual, and Trish leaves.


Hamlin then really goes to the extreme, and cuts some wires in the plant machinery, causing a fire. After the fire is put out, Leslie checks the circuit box to see what might have caused the fire, only to hear footsteps behind her. When she calls for a guard, a cascade of steel barrels roll towards her, and knock her unconscious. One wonders what so many steel barrels are doing so poorly stored, but I digress. The guard finds Leslie on the floor of the generator room, and rushes her to the hospital. Neil calls Chris, who races back to Salem.


David questions Alex about whether he was to blame for Leslie's "accident", but he defensively denies any involvement, and, in a great, genuine show of innocence, tells him that anything he heard between Alex and Hamlin is to be kept confidential from everyone, Trish included. Hamlin calls Max, demanding Max protect him. Max tells Hamlin he's on his own. After the call, Alex grabs Hamlin by the collar, and gets him to admit to setting up the "accident", and that Max asked him to do it.


Returning to Salem, Chris sits at Leslie's bedside, and tells her of his regret in letting her stay behind. Leslie wakes up, and wonders what happened. Thankfully, it's not amnesia, she remembers all once Chris jogs her memory. Chris leaves, and Leslie immediately gets a threatening phone call from some random man telling her not to squeal about the barrels or the fire, or else someone very close to her will get it. Chris and Alex head for the generator room, and Chris very quickly finds the cause of the fire. Chris thinks the fire started far too quickly, and finds it extremely convenient that he got called out of town just before the accident. Alex gets defensive again, asking Chris if he's accusing him. Chris isn't sure, but threatens to turn whoever did do it inside out.


Alex visits Leslie, but Leslie is convinced Alex is to blame for her accident. Alex begs her to believe he was not involved. Mary, finally involved in the story again, also suspects Alex is behind the fire. She asks where he was when the fire started. She then goes to Marie for guidance. Marie tells Mary to have a very honest talk with Alex. But when Mary does, Alex is evasive. Never one to shy away from a confrontation, Mary asks him point blank if he's out to destroy Anderson. Alex finally snaps, telling her he didn't, but he knows that's what she wants to believe because their marriage is a farce. He says that if Mary wants out, he'll be happy to let her out.



David, freaked out that his allegiances have put him on the wrong side of things at work, panics about being accused of causing the so-called accidents, and goes on a drinking binge, worrying both Trish and Julie.


Chris sends for Leslie's parents. They arrive and are quite taken with Chris, hinting not-so-subtly that he'd make a great husband. At the plant, Chris fires Hamlin (I guess he figured out he was responsible, but they don't make it clear how he's deduced this information), and tells Hamlin to never come back to Salem or something something broken bones etc. Who cares? Bye.







Josh gets Jessica's call about the weird man trying to break down Flora's door, and runs into the mansion. They fight, and Josh is able to throw him down the stairs. Josh asks where the man's from, he only says "welfare" before attacking Josh again, with Josh hitting his head as the man runs from the mansion. After the chaos subsides, Neil checks Mrs. Chisholm out, and lets them know that Flora has a weak heart, but will be fine for the time being. No one can figure out what the intruder wanted. Josh suspects the intent was to frighten Flora to death, and Doug agrees. He hires a security guard for the property, but senses Josh is holding back from him. Josh won't divulge, worrying that to tell Doug is to make Doug a target, much like what's happened to Flora.


Kellam is livid. Max has bunged up all of their plans, not only to find out more about Josh, but also to scare Flora to death so that everyone keeps their mouths shut about how Sunny really died. Kellam is worried Flora will not do this, and they are unsure how Josh is connected to her. So the plan is to get their hired goon to find out what he can, and spook the old man enough to cause a heart attack. What delightful characters.


Jessica is distraught because Josh won't go out with her. Cassie tells her not to give up, but instead, to make him jealous, offering to set Jessica up with her friend Danny. Jessica refuses, because that would be dishonest. Cassie tells Mary-Sue that she might as well give up on Josh, then. WELP!


Jessica immediately (awkwardly) tries Cassie's suggested approach with Josh. Josh asks Jessica to visit Flora, but Jess says she can't because she's busy. Then quickly adds that she has a date with one of Cassie's friends. Smooth. For said date, Cassie slathers the makeup onto Jessica with a trowel, and gives her a vampy dress to go with it. On a pretext they don't explain, Jessica goes to see Josh, and shows off her new makeover, which Josh finds unimpressive and, frankly, kind of disappointing. Not getting the reaction she wants, Jessica whispers that she's going to the disco and she's going to have a "VERY VERY GOOD TIME". Danny the Blind Date thinks Jess is a knockout, but is disappointed when Jessica won't dance with him. Tod, I guess on a double date with Cassie and them, tries to reassure Jessica, but it doesn't do much to help. Josh decides to come to the disco to monitor Jess from afar in a completely non-parental, non-creepy way. He's distressed to see Jessica drinking (he likes them socially awkward and uptight as f*ck, apparently).

Spotting Josh, Jessica tells him she's tired of him playing big brother, and dances with Danny out of spite, even kissing him (she's a quick study, isn't she?). At this point, Josh cuts in and instructs Jess to "quit acting". Shortly thereafter, Jessica learns Cassie and Toddd have left, so she asks Danny to take her home, which goes just GREAT. Danny tries to put the moves on Jessica, but is rebuffed. Danny gets fresh, and Jess slaps him, before running out of the car. Danny chases after her, but Big Brother Josh scares him off.

Josh asks Flora to the casino opening, but she suggests someone younger, like Jessica. She's awfully old to hit him over the head with that sledgehammer, isn't she? Jessica shows up at the mansion, and apologizes for tarting up at the disco. Josh teases her, claiming he's asked someone else out to the casino opening, before revealing it's just Mrs. Chisholm. He then hands Jessica an envelope, saying he'd be delighted to take both Flora AND Jessica to the gala. Jessica immediately accepts.





Everyone dresses in 1890s style, and Josh instructs the other dealers to watch for underhanded trickery from gamblers, and to be honest themselves. Julie is dolled up in a glittery red dress with a matcher red feather boa, as both she and Doug greet the incoming guests. Mickey and Maggie arrive first, then Don and Marlena. Don makes a point to tell Doug how much he disapproves of the casino, politically, while in the same breath wishing him all the success in the world. (SHUT UP, DON, you campaigned against your friend's success, you can save every word of it!)


Jessica and Josh walk Flora home, before taking a moonlight stroll in the garden outside the casino. They begin to dance, before they kiss...and kiss....and then Josh stops himself and takes Jessica home. the definition of a buzzkill.


Doug steps out of the era temporarily to sing "The Look Of Love" to Julie, as Lee walks in, wearing the silver glittering gown Maggie designed for her. She makes a point of standing right next to Julie's table, and loudly applauding Doug when he finishes the song. Embarrassing Julie, Lee's spectacle forces Julie to run from the room, before Neil sends Doug after her. Doug takes a moment to tear a strip off Lee for her little performance, and demands she leave immediately. He then leaves to track Julie down. Lee lays into Neil for sending Doug away, before pushing past Liz to get out. But Liz pulls her back in to give Lee some unsolicited advice: "You shouldn't make unexpected entrances", before telling Lee about an entrance she made at a party in Paris, where she opened the wrong door while looking for a powder room. Instead, Liz opened the door to a bedroom, and found Lee there with her (now-ex-) husband. OOPS! Lee, humiliated, runs home, and tears the ribbons off her gown (not having seen this gown, I have no idea what this entails).

Well...at least Lee's finally exposed. Liz really is the most engaging of the new characters, and I will say, they really amped up the action this month. But...my God how I don't really care about 90% of this stuff. Sure there's more action, sure there's more movement than there was during most of Harrower's run, but...meh? I dunno, what do y'all think?

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Here's Doug singing "The Look of Love" at the new club's opening.  Lee makes her grand appearance at the end.


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    • I guess a bright red coat is sort of recognizable (assuming it's that one you meant, I haven't watched the show in a while).
    • Next week's spoiler pics. Please register in order to view this content
    • (I heard this on someones podcast so if im wrong, Sorry!!!.) They said GHs Hulu Numbers are like 3X that of the neilson numbers, Jamey Giddens Also said Semi Recently that All the soaps do well on their networks platforms, So i think they will do okay. What about if a daytime soap makes a transition to prometime, So lets say next year Pine Valley gets the greenlight, Do you think that will do okay in primetime or be a flop.
    • In the event that a soap does get canceled today, I wonder what future it'll have on streaming. When Passions went to DirecTV they said it was a big success, but of course canceled it once they got their subscribers, then they moved onto primetime shows. AMC and OLTL were successful on Hulu and OWN, but were ahead of the curve when it came to streaming. Say DAYS does leave NBC, I wonder if they'd consider moving it to streaming. You can't convince me it wouldn't be a big hit. It probably could be what Peacock needs to be saved since DAYS fans would have to flock to it to keep watching.
    • Most networks were thinking about getting out of soaps at that time and Passion was the first that went, then Guiding Light and As The World Turns, then of course One Life To Live and All My Children. The truth is that General Hospital was next to go if they hadn't seen that the replacements weren't doing well (I think NBC ultimately ended up giving up Passions time slot to affliaties, but I might be wrong) and that's what's so far kept the remaining soaps on air. They know if they lift them off at this point they'll not only get replacements doing worse, but also likely affect the rest of the remaining daytime line up negatively. I assume they've figured the remaining soaps DO have a unique audience that won't tune in unless there's a soap on air.
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