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DAYS behind the scenes, articles/photos

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On 11/9/2020 at 5:06 PM, DRW50 said:

@JAS0N47 thank you for the cast photos. So nice to see them one after another.


55 years. Pretty amazing.


You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed them. 😀

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I actually think DAYS was very good during 1993-1995.. I loved the return of Laura Horton after being hospitalised for 17 years and her interaction with Vivian and Kate. she was so mean to Bill, blaming him for loosing so many years.. but come on Laura, your husband had an affair and produced a child with his mistress, so what? that's not a good enough reason to loose your mind. 

IMO, Jaime Lyn Bauer did a good job portraying the fragile Laura. 

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This winner decided to take down old Days episodes including Ridgecrest and pull this stunt for no reason. Another strange duck running a channel. If you're that paranoid either post elsewhere places not named youtube or don't bother posting at all and playing games.



1 yt.jpg

2 yt.jpg

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@fivethejThis is messed up. I figured this was going to happened sooner or later. It's a real shame. There was a lot of really good stuff. Roman and Marlena's wedding. Original Kayla. The Ridgecrest stuff. Where Liz gives birth to Noel. Stefano finally being exposed.

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5 hours ago, asafi said:

I don't remember.. how did Vivian found out Kate and Laura knew each other in the 70's?






After everything that Vivian had done to Carly was exposed, she was committed to the same hospital that Laura was at. Vivian noticed that Kate would often visit Laura and eventually she found out about their past

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9 hours ago, AbcNbc247 said:

After everything that Vivian had done to Carly was exposed, she was committed to the same hospital that Laura was at. Vivian noticed that Kate would often visit Laura and eventually she found out about their past


Vivian snuck into Laura's room several times and noticed she got a non-verbal reaction if she brought up Kate. Pretty sure she had noticed a change in Laura's ease after Kate's visits. Vivian tried to get that a step further by bringing in a picture of Kate to see if she get Laura to talk. It didn't work ... so Vivian thought. After Vivian left the room, Laura said Kate's name. 

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I gotta thank everyone for all their contributions in this thread. They're adding SO MUCH for me. I've been loving learning about the show's history and seeing the bits and pieces I'm too young to remember watching on TV. What a treat to even see the bits and bobs we are able to!


Tying Vivian to Laura's return was a stroke of genius, but I agree that Bill really should've been more heavily featured during this time to really play the emotional beats of it all properly. As it stood, it seemed like he was barely present for the story at all!



Shall I get started on July '79?



So because SOD was on a bizarre once-every-three weeks schedule, The last week of June wasn't in their recaps. And boy did things get wild with Laura after that.


Spectre Mom orders Laura to lock herself in her room, swallow all the pills she prescribed herself for her psychosis, and hang herself. Alice arrives, demanding Laura let her in, but Laura refuses. Laura thinks twice momentarily about ending it all, but Ghost Mama insists the only way Laura will have peace and leave her guilt behind is to go through with it. "Join me. You have to do it now!", orders the voice inside Laura's head. The pills taking effect, Laura tightens the noose, and....BILL BUSTS THE DOOR DOWN. The day is saved. Bill gets Laura to barf up the pills. But Jordan, trying to reach Laura and pull her back from the brink, realizes the pills she ingested may cause long-term damage, and insists Bill institutionalize her immediately. Bill realizes Jordan's right when Laura sobs that her mother follows her everywhere and wants to kill her. She wants Bill to take her somewhere her mother can't get to her. He realizes this is the right thing to do, as Laura immediately switches from telling Marlena, Marie, Mickey and Tom that Bill is taking her to the country for a rest, because she wants and needs help, to immediately shouting at them all that they're fools and she's the sanest person in the room.


The one thing Ghost Mom was right about, Tom almost immediately offers Marlena the job of replacing Laura as head of psychiatry. Marlena turns the offer down, still likely a little insecure after Laura's gaslighting campaign, and Tom gives the position to Jordan, if only temporarily.


Jordan confides in Marie that Laura is making progress. She is now talking rationally about Ghost Mama, but has turned her back on psychiatry, feeling like she can't trust her own mind to help get her through this. She sometimes can't even remember who or where she is.






Julie begins to wonder why Laura The Great isn't visiting anymore. Marlena, who's taken over her case, lets her know that Laura's at a sanitarium, and Julie BLAMES HERSELF for it, wondering if her case drove Laura over the edge. I swear, it's like Elizabeth Harrower never read or watched a single episode with Julie in it before taking over. Good GOD, she writes Julie like she's made of glass.


The Hortons are planning a picnic (I assume for the 4th of July), so Dr. Goddard lets Julie out for a few hours to attend. Julie doesn't really want to, since she doesn't want to face people's pity yet. Marie correctly guesses that these fears are bulls#!t Loopy Laura planted in Julie's mind. Julie eventually changes her mind and does end up attending the picnic. She also agrees to sign Mickey's insurance papers, provided Maggie isn't held at all liable, and that Doug never know, as she doesn't want to hurt his pride.



Robert takes Dougie to France to visit his family and get comfortable with them, just in case something happens to him, he doesn't want them to be strangers to the boy. Hope being away at summer camp, leaves Doug alone to prepare for Julie's return. Doug hopes to take the opportunity to pick up where he and Julie left off before her hospital stay. He'll have to wait awhile, though, as Julie overhears Dr. Goddard say the skin grafts didn't take, and they'll have to do a Round 2. Julie's heartbroken by the news. The operation was painful as hell and the last thing she wants to go through it again. She decides against it, spouting more self-deprecating sob stories about how she'll likely never be the woman she was before. Steve convinces her to at least go get a second opinion, so off Julie goes to Chicago...only to be told exactly what she was telling Doug and Steve, that there's no guarantee the skin grafts will work this time either! Undaunted, Moneybags then heads for Mexico for a THIRD opinion! Any bets on what she hears?




Yeah, you guessed it.


Julie comes back home, sobbing woefully that she'll be a disfigured mess forever, and that she doesn't want to trap Doug in a life with a hideous beast with a bit of scarring on one cheek (I know, I know, the scarring is worse on her arms and chest, but come on, Julie!), so she unilaterally got a divorce in Mexico because life with a woman with burn scarring is apparently a fate worse than death. She loves him too much to let him be chained to the likes of her. Gag me. Doug is pissed off that Julie thinks so little of him that she thinks marriage to her is a trap because she's no longer physically perfect. He rips up the papers and demands they fly back to Mexico together to undo the divorce. Julie won't do it, insisting that she's dragging him down, and gets her own apartment.


Steve goes to Paris, finally. This time to go to charity antiques auction to pick up some stuff for Chez Julie, and to reunite with Mimi (I would've dumped this scrub ages ago, Mimi. I don't know what you see in him). While Steve is away, Julie asks Maggie to stay on at Chez Julie's. I don't have a bloody clue what prompts this sudden attitude change, but Julie suddenly gets a pissy attitude with Maggie, and snaps at her "you owe me a debt". MEOW!


At the auction, Steve makes friends with Byron Carmichael, who he mentions resembles an older version of Doug. Byron's dying of cancer, and invites Steve to his swanky home (this story would go such a different way today...well...if soaps were anything like they were in the 70s, that is). Steve fills Byron in on the details of Doug's life, and Byron buys a plane ticket to Salem. This...sounds...I am very concerned with what is about to happen.


Alice is this month's Only Sane Person in the World, and pounds of Julie's door, refusing to leave until Julie opens up. Once inside, she begs Julie not to dump Doug, and provides her with her usual sage wisdom, but Julie feels she'll be turning Doug into a nursemaid if she were to stay with him. 0/1


Alice having failed, Bill tries the bad cop approach, tearing a strip off Julie when he visits the next day for divorcing Doug and hiding from the world. He's probably projecting a bit, methinks. But he also is fairly certain Laura's therapy fekked up Julie's confidence, and makes it clear to Julie that what she was told by Laura was from a place of profound mental distortion, and not to take it seriously. Julie insists that Laura was "the only one in the family who didn't keep things from me!" 0/2


Just as Julie seems beyond help, it's Stephanie to the rescue!


Stephanie visits Julie, and encourages Julie to get the skin grafts done as soon as possible, revealing that she was once in a terrible car wreck, and the skin grafts helped her start a new life. She shows Julie the scars near her hairline, and then, shockingly, reveals that she's actually Brooke!


She tells Julie that, if Julie gets this operation done before it's too late, she too, can start a new life.






Chris goes to Mary's studio to pick up his things. Mary makes a last ditch attempt to get him back, hoping he regrets breaking things off as much as she does. Except, Chris thinks it was a good idea, and Mary is pretty pissed off about that, reaming him out for using her to advance his career at Anderson, and calling Amanda a tramp. How To Win Friends and Influence People, by Mary Anderson.


She then orders him to leave, and he gets in his jeep. As he drives off, Mary runs out with a pile of his clothes he left behind and throws them at his jeep. He can't see, and grazes Mary with the jeep, knocking her over. Steve, who's on his way to pick up Mary for a date, sees Chris knock Mary down with his jeep and believes he intentionally ran her over. Linda sees the ordeal as well from the lakehouse.


Mary runs back into the studio to make sure she's okay. Chris parks the jeep, runs back to the studio and bangs on the door to make sure Mary's okay, but Mary, quite rightly, tells him to buzz off. He eventually complies. Steve comes by shortly after, and insists Mary lie down, before calling Neil to check up on her. Chris later calls the studio, and Steve tells him he dialed the wrong number and leaves the phone off the hook.


Neil eventually arrives, deducing that Mary is just a bit shaken up, but physically okay. The X-Rays bear this out, Mary doesn't have any broken bones, but lets her know that emotional trauma from the incident may linger.


Linda uses what she saw to her advantage with Bob, lying and saying that she heard from Mary that Chris intentionally mowed Mary down and took off straight away. She reminds Bob what a bad temper Chris has to try to further tarnish the poor guy's image in Bob's eyes. Amanda, wisely, warns Chris to contact his insurance company in case Mary decides to go scorched earth on him.


Bob asks Mary how she's feeling. Mary claims lower back pain, and embellishes that Chris hates her SO MUCH he wanted to CRIPPLE her! Oh brother. After hearing Chris' completely different take on the accident, Bob isn't sure who to believe, and wonders if Steve, seemingly the only witness, has something to gain by blaming Chris.


Steve, at the same time, is trying to rile Mary up to get her to get more X-rays, hoping something will turn up so he can encourage Mary to sue Chris (Steve is awful lawsuit-happy, isn't he?). This time, Mary actually agrees with Steve's idea, and makes an appointment with Don. At the appointment, Mary tells her tall tale of Chris' rage and vitriol...and Don doesn't buy it for a second, telling her she's clearly just out to get back at him for dumping her. Unfazed, Mary takes a new approach, and visits Chris unannounced to "drop off a book he left behind". Mary tells him a sob story about her bad back before Amanda walks in the room. Mary's livid to see her, and calls her every name but a child of God before Amanda can get a breath in. After the bunny boiler leaves, Amanda tells Chris how worried she is that Mary may mess things up for him at work, after all, she is the boss' daughter.


Mary's last stop on her Sympathy Tour 1979 is Tom's office, where she's told exactly what she's been told by everyone else: You may be injured in a way that X-rays don't show, but your greatest injury is probably to your ego.


Linda tells Bob about Mary's intention to sue Chris. Bob's not impressed, and intends to talk Mary down before taking drastic action, but will support his daughter 100% regardless (fool). Linda keeps quiet about having witnessed the accident until she sees something concrete she can gain from the information.


Next, Bob sends Chris, whom he's still extremely supportive of, to San Francisco to speak to Magnis Corporation regarding a new manufacturing contract, which could save Anderson from the major cutbacks Bob was concerned about after Mary's government snafu. Bob does this, in part, because he suspects that Chris' old fashioned nature will cause him to, once at a distance from Amanda, second-guess his hitching his cart to a married woman, and maybe, hopefully, he will find his way back to Mary.


Fat chance of that the way Mary's acting: she tells an incensed Bob that she will, in fact, sue Chris, despite having no discernible injury to show for the accident. Bob insists she's just throwing a tantrum to get Chris' attention, but Mary contends that she wants to show the world how vicious and thoughtless Chris is. Chris, I guess once again being thoughtless, decides to bring Amanda with him. Bob hopes that this will make Mary so angry that she'll fight for him instead of suing. Linda suggests Bob only wants this so that he can have Chris run Anderson one day (a thought that turns Linda's stomach, since she never did much like Chris).


Linda, seemingly warming to Mary, gives Mary advice with regards to Chris. She tells her that if she sues Chris, it'll drive him further toward Amanda. But if she forgives him, and publicly, they may stand a chance. I love how Linda frames it as well: "make sure you get what you really want". That's a very Linda thing to say.


Phyllis encourages Don to suggest to Mary to seek counselling with Marlena (followed that one?), hoping that Marlena will talk Mary out of suing. Don refuses, so Phyllis goes straight to Marlena and proposes the same thing. But Marlena won't bite unless MARY suggests it.


Linda slips up, saying she remembered a party Bob threw months ago, but covers her tracks with a quickness when Bob calls her out on it, reminding him the doctors' said Linda had "selective amnesia", and only forgot the bad things in her life. This doesn't placate the old fool, and Bob calls her out for lying to him for months. Tempers die down somewhat, but Linda still senses Bob is stressed about the situation with Mary's extended tantrum, and finally confesses to Bob that she saw the accident. She admits that Mary threw the clothes at Chris' car, and could've gotten herself killed. Bob wonders why Linda kept the truth a secret so long, but Linda covers and states she didn't want to make Mary look like a liar. Bob, still burnt from Linda faking her amnesia, isn't sure he believes her about Mary's malicious intent regarding Chris.


Stephanie tries to reason with Mary, and pleads with her to back off the lawsuit with Chris, if only for the sake of Bob's health, warning her that Bob might have another heart attack from the stress of the situation. She reads Mary for filth, saying everyone knows she's just out to get back at Chris, and that getting Chris fired would be a hollow victory, and Mary knows it. Stephanie FINALLY gets through to Mary, and Mary and Chris come to a truce, agreeing to remain friendly colleagues.





Amanda moves out of Doug and Julie's, again to try to alleviate any potential rumours about Doug living with ANOTHER WOMAN while Julie's away. She takes a room at the Salem Inn, which disappoints Chris. She reminds him she is, for now, married, and it would look bad on both of them. Greg, finding out about his impending divorce, comes to Salem and demands Doug tell him where Amanda is. When Doug tells him she's out of town with Chris, Greg suddenly realizes "well, damn! I've been a sh!tty husband! WOW!", and figures Amanda is just lashing out by taking up with Chris. A mere infatuation, the clueless doctor surmises.


He thinks his little epiphany will win Amanda back over, and refuses to give her a divorce "now -- or EVER!"


Yeah, yeah.



When Amanda DOES return, she tells Julie all about her great love and how Chris is the greatest thing since sliced bread etc. etc., and Julie, thrilled for her, tells her to follow her lead and get a fekking divorce already. At Amanda's room at the Salem Inn, Chris and Amanda are gettin' busy, when Greg bursts in, and shouts, screams, and hollers how he'll never let Amanda divorce him, and he'll cut her off at every turn!! After more assorted histrionics, Amanda tells Greg she knows there's no hope for their marriage. Greg acts like he didn't hear a damn thing she said, and tells her to go back to Chicago with him for a year, and THEN they can talk about a divorce. Like talking to a brick wall, I swear.


Chris realizes the only way he can get Amanda away from Greg without a prolonged fight is if she goes back to Chicago with him, THEN files for divorce when Greg realizes what a dumbass he's being.






Phyllis, eager to dump her Anderson stock at the behest of YOU KNOW WHO, trades the shares with Neil for his stake in Magnis Corp. Once that order of business is out of the way, Phyllis then asks Neil for a divorce, which Neil promptly refuses. Surprisingly not for an entirely selfish reason, however. Feeling that Phyllis is being negatively influenced by Alex (who is finally being addressed by SOD by name), Neil senses something predatory in him that Neil wishes to protect Phyllis from, and as long as Phyllis is married to Neil, she won't marry (another) Mr. Wrong. Phyllis informs Neil that she stopped "belonging" to Neil a long time ago, and that their marriage is over. 


The good news for Phyllis is that her gamble is taking over Neil's Magnis stock paid off! Magnis enters into a contract with Anderson, and all should be flush with cold hard cash in no time.







Trish goes to David's to visit Scotty, and is met by a horny David, who puts the moves on her and they end up sleeping together. So I guess that's a thing again. David asks Trish the next morning to move back into his apartment. She agrees as long as he forgets about Trish swiping Scotty and moving to LA, and never brings it up again, and Trish will forget about David's affair with Stephanie. David thinks this is actually a good idea, and throws out a painting Stephanie gave him as a peace offering to Trish.


It's been literally a week, and David's already talking to Trish about moving them all into a house together (sigh). Trish, sensibly, tells David to cool his jets, since she's not even sure if this reconciliation is gonna work yet or not since it's LITERALLY BEEN A WEEK.


The only rush Speedy Gonzalez isn't in is to get to work, and Stephanie's sick of it. She accuses David of taking advantage of their past relationship to come and go as he pleases. David says he does good work, despite his lateness, but Stephanie isn't putting up with his crap anymore.


Trish agrees to move into a larger apartment with David and Scotty. Mealy-mouthed Margo comes by to help Trish pack, and finds a bunch of diamonds taped under Trish's desk (???). Trish yanks them away from Margo, and makes Margo promise she won't tell anyone about them. Apparently among the "terrible things" Trish did to get back to Salem all those months ago include stealing these diamonds, because Steve's business partner, Durant, tells Steve about it while Steve is in Paris. Durant wants REVENGE! (muahhaha). Steve volunteers to track Trish down for Durant.





Dumb Donna might not have learned her lesson after all. As Alice is watching Jennifer in Laura's absence, Donna takes a job babysitting the child of a nameless wealthy woman (watch it be Trask's wife LOL). Said nameless rich lady then complains when some items turn up missing from her home. Three guesses who took 'em.


The lady now has a name, Mrs. Nevell. And OOPS NEVERMIND! She found the missing gold bracelet under a couch cushion. LOL. No harm done. Don apologizes to Donna for assuming the worst (but like...she kinda walked into that one, for real).


Don meets with Mr. Trask again, who is now more than ever convinced that his accountant (Marlena's patient Lester) is stealing from him. Lester insists he hasn't done anything wrong in handling Trask's finances, and then confesses that Don is representing Trask. OOPS! The fight is on at home, with Marlena trying to reason with Don that Lester is emotionally unstable etc. etc., but Don, though understanding, is all law and order about this, and wants Lester to be PUNISHED. 





Mike, still broke-ass, can't pay the loan shark his instalment on the money he borrowed to cover Loony Laura's momentary tantrum over his gift/loan. So Earl the Loan Shark suggests he start working off his debt by accepting Earl's clients' cash payments while working his valet job at Doug's (all together now: this will end well).


Mike plans to quit working at Doug's when the Magnis deal comes through with Anderson, but Earl warns him that that's a nay nay! He gone break ya fingers, Mikey! Earl spooks Mike so that when Chris promotes him at Anderson, Mike refuses the position, saying he HAS to stay on at Doug's Place. Chris is baffled, because who da hell would turn down a DOUBLING OF THEIR SALARY?!








I'm actually pretty stunned Stephanie revealed herself to Julie like that. It's not as though Julie was that big a fan of Brooke to begin with, but it's nice to see them getting closer and connecting over this. Stephanie is becoming the voice of reason, and it's...weird!


Mary is a bit of a basketcase, but in a way that totally makes sense. I like how they're writing her, even though she's incredibly retaliatory and spiteful. It's that relatable kind of insecure, emotionally volatile character that's not often seen anymore without becoming a caricature.


I keep waiting for things with Linda to boil over, and they almost do, and then they...don't? Very odd.


I know Byron is tied to Lee somehow, isn't he? I feel like there's a lot of stories starting to tie together, and it's a far more connected show than Ann Marcus' DAYS was. I haven't figured out yet whether that's a good or a bad thing, tbh. 

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According to 1994, not long before Laura tried to hang herself, she followed Bill one night and saw him and Kate making love. Laura eventually confronted Kate, who revealed during the argument that she was pregnant with Lucas. And this was supposed to be the trigger that prompted Laura to try to hang herself. 

I didn’t hate this reveal, but I can see why some long term fans might have disliked it, especially those who were watching in 1979.

10 hours ago, victoria foxton said:

Liz and Marie's catfight. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=672911196754415  

Lmaooo Did Sister Marie learn that at the convent? 

I wonder what would have happened if Marie and Alex had ended up together. 

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I would really love to see some rare moments from late 70's-early 80's:

- Marie and Liz's rivalry - beginning, middle and end

- Mickey Horton presumed dead and then return to the living while Maggie began an affair with Don Craig

- The arrival of Stefano Dimera and the beginning of his rivalry with Roman Brady


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56 minutes ago, AbcNbc247 said:

I didn’t hate this reveal, but I can see why some long term fans might have disliked it, especially those who were watching in 1979.


I've always believed that if we, the viewers, didn't see something happen on-screen, then it didn't happen.  You have to be fair with the audience.  Otherwise, the trust between them and you, the writer, is gone; and once it goes, it's hard, if not impossible, to win it back.

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