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So I'm on a JER run up until Passions (I'm on vacation for a week trying to relax and catch up on my classic soap backlog ) and I'm currently at his TGL era (which is amazing) and am fretting getting to late 1992/1993 cause I know that's when he went to DAYS


There really isn't much of his Days era online when it comes to full episodes. I'm sure this has to do with Sony/NBC/Corday Productions, but even in the Classic Y&R thread there is quite a plethora of retro episodes stemming back to the 80s, yet Days is also owned by Sony and almost nothing is around. It bums me out cause I grew up watching JER's first DAYS run and would like to see some of those episodes again, even if it's recut from different episodes 


Am I better off not trying to find this era or would someone be able to point me in the right direction to watch some of JER DAYS run #1?



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I hadn't seen this in years (it's still hilarious and some of it is sadly prescient to TV and life today...) and I never realized until now that Joe Gallison plays a doctor in the hospital sketch.



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