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On 11/8/2019 at 5:06 AM, DRW50 said:

By having him on their show they're no better than he is. 

I was actually *somewhat* impressed by a couple of the questions -- and FTR I am never impressed by The View. I feel like one or two of the hosts actually put thought in what they were going to ask. Sadly, these were wasted questions because, really, they should have been directed at DT himself, who could never ever handle this line of questioning.


And neither, clearly, can his tantrumy, colicky toddler son who had to be constantly placated by Mother Guilfoyle. It is almost redundant to say at this point but, what an embarrassment of a human being.

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23 hours ago, dragonflies said:





An ABC political analyst?

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Since when?


Whoopi putting that miserable, entitled spoiled brat in her place is everything. I'm ok with that too, Whoopi!

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