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1 hour ago, Hunk Chandler Massey said:

Meghan sucks. She is awful. Watching right now and just awful.




She looked so uncomfortable and ready to bolt. She won't last IMHO.

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K i have to agree with both of u. I think Meghan is awful she tries too hard, shes cold and she doesnt have chemistry with the women. ABC made the wrong choice. Jed was absolutely perfect as she was pitbull hardcore independant thinker and she had dynamic chemistry with those 4 women. Ratings were also up for a reason. Honestly while i thought it was dull with just the 4 women they have chemistry. Anyone missing Jed? Jed was perfect.


I think.ABC will keep Meghan for long haul. They love her and she is younger too. I do remember Nicolle was stiff though in her first few months at View it took her time to get used to format. 


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