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7 hours ago, amybrickwallace said:

That's a great pic. Thanks for posting it!!


It is a great pic, isn't it?

I'd love for someone to ask her about her recollections of this production. That photo is smoldering.

8 hours ago, DramatistDreamer said:

Has anyone seen this photo of Kathleen Windows and Raul Julia from As You Like It? I was reading about NYC theatrical performances and came across it. In the past I've gotten the chance to see archived performances of Joseph Papp's Shakespeare productions and I'm hoping that I will get the opportunity to see an archived copy of this particular production.

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Bumping this onto the next page so people can see what we are talking about.

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1 minute ago, Mitch said:

Why did Emma disappear and not return for the finale? I never liked her or the Snyders but they were there so long it was weird?

I remember hearing Kathleen Widdoes was in a play or something? I'm not 100 % sure on that. 

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11 minutes ago, Mitch said:

Why did Emma disappear and not return for the finale? I never liked her or the Snyders but they were there so long it was weird?

She went with Meg who was being put in a mental hospital.


Added to tonight's reunion....Mark Collier and Margaret Reed.  Looks like Van will be there too.


I'm hoping one of the surprise guests is Kathleen or Annie Sward.

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4 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

Damn Damn damn....Roger Howarth is going to be playing Paul. I already left a negative comment on Trent feed....I told him he was an awful Paul and it should be Andrew in the reunion.


Andrew...or even Paul Holroyd. But Howarth? God, no. He was a terrible recast.

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Just back from the ATWT reunion. It was great seeing Melanie Smith playing Emily again and her scenes with Colleen were spot on. Roger Howarth was terrible. Not even Melanie Smith could save him. It was great seeing Billy Magnussen again(he is so hot) and Paul Leyden. Once again Alan had technical difficulties and Zack Roerig wasn't able to reprise Casey #1.  Gregg Marx was suppose to play Tom but had an emergency at the least minute. The event started with a little chat and the re-read of the final episode followed by questions and reminiscing from the cast. Tom Wiggins was so excited to see Melanie Smith again. Same for Margaret Reed and Melanie.


I have to say the true vets haven't lost their touch. Liz Hubbard was so spot on using props...lol.....Michael Park and MW were great too. Yvonne Perry reprised the role of Roseanne. Mark Collier played Dusty and later on the cast was reminiscing about Grayson and Alan wasn't happy about it..lol..they were laughing at his pre acting ritual. 


Agim was there playing Holden. I've come to the realization that Jon Hensley wants nothing to do with ATWT anymore.

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6 hours ago, DRW50 said:

So who did play Tom?


3 hours ago, vetsoapfan said:


AND...who played LISA????


I have no doubt that poor Eileen Fulton got the shaft again.



Oh, please let me be the one to send the board into a tizzy....Lisa was played by Anne Sayre (the brilliant NY stage performer who portrayed Mitzi for years on ATWT. And she did a good Lisa impression - her odd cadences, delivery and missed words/flubbed lines included!) According to the credits, Gregg Marx was supposed to play Tom but there were technical issues so Trent read his part (and Casey's - again due to tech issues.) 


It was an absolute joy to watch those actors together again being silly and having fun "being together" again. Seeing the original Roseanna and Tom Wiggins as Craig was fun. Agim was the best choice for Holden since Jon wouldn't do it. Alex Chando as Lily was the only off choice for me but, as she played Trent's sister AND Zack Roerig was supposed to be there, I see why they went with it.)


'Twas an hour delightfully spent.

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