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21 hours ago, DramatistDreamer said:


ITA that vets like John Dixon were absolutely needed, to maintain that continuity of history that soap fans have come to expect from their shows.


I do agree that it's not the best thing to have vets eating up the show but that wasn't ATWT's problem, ATWT's problem was when they had irrelevant characters like Liberty and Janet eating the show.  From what I've seen, heard and read, most ATWT fans could care less about the Ciccones.


For me, personally, I would have liked to see the next generation of Hughes, Dixons (like Andy's daughter Hope), Stewarts, etc. take more of a lead in some of the storyline and incorporate their parents and grandparents (would've loved to see Kim and Bob mix it up with John and Lucinda over Hope Dixon's anxiety breakdowns in terms of her pushing herself too hard to get to medical school and the problems her binge-drinking to cope have caused).


The answer wasn't to push the veterans aside but to have had them actively involved in the storylines of the younger generations in Oakdale.



Oh wow. If only there were some way to send her a virtual Happy Birthday!



I totally agree with you and it so weird that ATWT had such a rich history with tons of kids and grandkids that could have been brought back in the fold and gotten hot stories going with the vets supporting. Especially since our vets were all so vital and colorful and varied and played by the same people we grew up with. None of them were sweater knitting grannies..can you see Bob and Kim butting heads with John and Lucinda, who of course would be butting heads with Lisa, who would do things in her own way which would conflict against Bob and Kim's ideas...("Well of course I knew Hope secretly opened that S/M shop on Main Street, I gave her the loan, the girl has a business head on her!That old Lucy has an account there didn't you know!  I didn't tell you as I was too busy fighting with Adam's new boyfriend who I think is QUITE the  hussy gold digger, and I of all people should KNOW!")


Instead we got the two you mentioned and then Pelphery wasted as Faux James with a youth serum!



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On 9/8/2017 at 9:34 AM, DramatistDreamer said:


I was only a kid (not even a teenager yet) when this storyline was happening, so I had no idea of the backstage happenings (I didn't read soap magazines or follow behind the scenes stuff), I didn't know that Scott Bryce had actually left the show-- it didn't feel final to me because there was an air of mystery about what actually happened to Craig and Sierra still believed that he was alive, so I was young and naive enough to believe the same.:D



WTF?! The audience just saw some older greek woman caring for a passed out Craig!! I don't necessarily want any spoilers or anything, but I had to come on here to mention it. My jaw actually dropped open. No wonder it didn't feel final to you - the writers let you know that he was still alive! I can already tell this storyline is going to frustrate me. (In a good way) 


Other things currently happening: Margo is avoiding Tom while sleeping with Hal in Greece. Casey's ex girlfriend is around stirring up trouble. Lily is on the run and Dusty and Holden are on a race to see which one can get to her first. 


The one disappointing thing to me in watching 1987 is that there are barely any episodes that explain what the heck is going on with Ducan/the castle/dead people/James?  I can't follow it. I've grown to love Shannon over this past year that I started watching older ATWT and I loved Duncan immediately. (he's just too gorgeous and full of himself to not love him.)  July and August (I'm just starting July now) seem to have very scattered episodes available so I don't have much hope of discovering anything. Once I've gone through there, I'll look through the 40th anniversary book and piece it together. It's tough for me to read it because it's not written chronologically through the year. Spoilers abound!


Still, I'm incredibly grateful to everyone on YouTube who have posted so much stuff. I have several old VHS tapes that are labeled ATWT. I've probably got 20 episodes scattered through 2000-2006. My husband recently got me a digital converter and I plan on going through there to discover if I happen to have any episodes that don't exist on YouTube. If so, I'll happily post on there in order to add them to the bunch. I know each era of ATWT has its fans and I'd love to help others explore or revisit the show as I've gotten to do!


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I've heard stories on this board about Frank Runyeon's ego but honestly, ATWT could have used a well-written story about Steve's release from prison 20 years later and what would he do, in terms of mending fences with his family?

I would've pretended that entire Dani/Craig trash had never happened (which would be easy for me since I had taken a break from watching and didn't see any of it) or was some fever dream of Steve's while he was in prison, sick from contaminated water or hallucinating from a prison hunger-strike over conditions in the prison.

Written with consideration, it could've been a compelling story. Also, I wouldn't have expected Runyeon to have the same ego after so many years of having been off the show and no longer being considered a pivotal character.


That scene between Sierra and Lily and then the scene Sierra and a broken Lucinda were intense on a level that soaps don't do anymore. Even when it was revealed that Lily and Sierra were not blood related, their phone conversation showed how much of a bond had truly been formed between the two-- especially as Sierra advises Lily against making the same mistake she did by running away and not facing the hurt head-on. It's actually a small miracle that Sierra was able to forgive Lucinda for trying to doom Sierra and Craig's relationship.


Oh, the interesting triad (or triangle) of Lisa, Bob and Kim! Hey, it worked though and just as important, it put them all in the same room for that all important phone call from Tom. That's efficient storytelling.

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7 minutes ago, GSGfan2017 said:

No offense, but is it true that Meg Ryan has come across as ungrateful concerning her ATWT stint?

She never had a good thing to say about ATWT..not that she dissed it, she just wouldn't talk about it. She probably was embarrassed but it should have been for her performance..it was all jittery, stuttering (it made Fulton look calm) and running hands through her hair..watching clips now of her she looks like a "nerve patient."  She, as most young actors are, was better with vets like Hays and Forsythe and Bruder...but once she was with the Steve or Craig actors she is jittery and jumpy and damn annoying.

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