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Thank you for these. I'll definitely give them a more thorough read through when I get a moment.

For whatever reason, I always think Mary Jane Higby's name is Joan Davis. I assume that's the name of her character on "When a Girl Marries."

It's interesting that they featured articles on two of the daytime doctors, Dr. Malone and Dr. Brent.

In the Daytime Diary section, the story about Jocelyn MacLeod Fuller is given a fuller treatment in a subsequent addition of the Radio-TV Mirror right before the show went to television. The story on "Brighter Day" with the power plant seems different and I think Alan Butler was involved with one of the Dennis girls, but I don't remember which one. The summaries for "The Right to Happiness" are always so vague, but it definitely feels like most of the 1950s had a criminal element until the show introduced Grace, the girl from the wrong sides of the track who fell for Skippy, Carolyn's son.

I didn't realize Nat Polen was the voice of Mark Douglas, one of Wendy Warren's husbands on "Wendy Warren and the News." Provo and Pickard ("From These Roots") wrote that serial. Warren seems to move at a pretty good pace compared to others. Of course, it had to move due to the nature of the series. Because each episode started with the news broadcast, every episode featured a new day. I don't think Mark was Wendy's husband when the Daytime Diary section ended in 1956. By then, I think she was involved with another emotionally disturbed writer.

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Thanks for reading. I will have to look more at the Wendy Warren show, and see if any is available online. I didn't know the writers did From These Roots.

WAGM gets confusing because Joan Davis was the name of a popular film and TV comedienne in this era. For a long time when I saw Joan Davis I thought it meant her, when it was often Higby. And there was some woman named Mary Jane who played the friend on various Lucille Ball sitcoms for years, which meant for a while I got her confused with Higby.

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