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OLTL: SOAPnet September Preview

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Source: SOAPnet

One Life to Live September 2010 Preview

August 28, 2010 1:18 PM By Joe Reid

One Life to Live roars right into September in the midst of one of the most intense storylines of the year: Blair's wedding to secret psychopath Eli Clarke is about to go 18 kinds of haywire, and the fallout will be felt all through the coming month. First things first: Eli must be dealt with. He's got Blair in Tahiti for a quickie wedding, his brother Ross has come out of the woodwork, and then Blair gets the proof that Eli's a killer (yes! She does!). All hell is going to break loose, and citizens of Llanview will soon be rid of Eli forever ... or will they? If there's anything we know about a good villain, it's that they're never truly vanquished. Case in point: Expect to get more insight into what exactly Eli and Greg's plot against poor, dead Tea was.

But even when Eli isn't directly trying to harm our favorite Southern, formerly-Asian chanteuse, his underhanded machinations are about to blow up in everybody's face. Starting with Todd. Todd's going to have to be there for Danielle in the aftermath of Tea's death. Which is just an example of blessings coming in depressing packages -- because it ends up bringing dad and daughter closer. So things seem all fine and dandy for Todd and Danielle (minus the whole "Tea's dead" thing) ... except, remember how we mentioned Ross Rayburn? You know, Danielle's adoptive father? Yes, he's on the scene -- and things aren't going to be so rosy where the Manning family is concerned. Don't forget that Ross and Danielle are pretty tight. Looks like Todd has another obstacle

Elsewhere, Starr and Langston start college and immediately find themselves in a class they wish they could drop. That's because the class is taught by FORD. If you suspect that this is the perfect opportunity for him and Langston to get back together, you may well be right. But two things to consider: 1) One of them is lying to the other about something, and 2) Markko returns from film school. So ... not so fast, Ford. Also, is Ford like the youngest college professor ever? Meanwhile, Starr decides that she can't see James anymore, because they've clearly both got feelings for each other [well what's Cole gonna say about that?]. And it gets worse for James as he finds out he can't afford to stay in college. He may end up finding some help from a very unlikely source.

So what is up with Clint? Obviously, he's kind of embracing his dark side ever since he kidnapped and jailed David Vickers on David and Dorian's wedding day. Kelly commissions Rex to find out just what happened to David (so Dorian can regain some of her sanity) -- but when Rex gets too close to the truth, Clint may take some action that would make his beloved KIM blush. Oh, and don't think Bo and Nora get off easy either. Because Clint might strike them where it hurts the most.

Speaking of Kelly and Rex, their close work together investigating Eli has created a bit of a bond between them. Does Gigi have anything to worry about? Or is there someone in Llanview she's going to start spending time with?

Meanwhile, Jessica and Natalie are still struggling with the unknown paternity of their children. This month, look for Brody or John to finally learn the truth that the baby their significant other is carrying may not be theirs. Yes -- one of them learns the truth. No joke.

All this, PLUS: Hannah finds herself in an unusual living arrangement, and a new couple may be hitting the town in Llanview. But one half of the couple's motives may not be on the up-and-up. Any guesses as to who?

And September is gonna end with quite a bang, because come October 1, multi-Emmy winner Kim Zimmer arrives in town as Echo DiSavoy (which is sort of an awesome name). Hold onto your hats.

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Why the heck was Marko's film program only a month long, and in the Summer? And why would Ford be teaching a class Langston and Starr want to take? And what shitty college is it that they don't give you the prof's name when you sign up?

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