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Geez. I guess they had her with her hair being fixed mid-slaughter to show us she was a girly gal but a tough one too.

I laughed when she pulled that guy out of the van...

The odd thing is if this had come out about 10 years earlier I could see it doing well.

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Billy aka William R. Moses wound up replacing William Katt on the Perry Mason TV movies in the late 80's and early 90's after Katt decided to leave the series. Katt is the son of Barbara Hale (Della Street).

Billy was married for a time to Tracy Nelson the daughter of Ricky Nelson. They had a daughter together. Tracy's mother Kris is the sister to Mark Harmon.

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I remember when Lady Blue premiered it was supposed to fill the time slot set for The Colbys while that show was being set up on Dynasty (they had to finish that Moldavia nonsense before "Colby's" characters could be introduced on Dynasty). Of course it was a huge bomb and I remember it being shipped off to Saturday nights where I caught an episode or two. I could be wrong about this but I seem to recall that it was only supposed to be a limited series until The Colbys was ready to go.

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