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Debuting My Fan-Fic


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For those of you that don't know me, my name is Nathan Banks and im a big fan of All My Children. So big that i've decided to post episodes of my own fan-fic All My Children - The Future which will debut in August. Since im brand new to this fourm and SON can anyone tell me how to get started? Thanks


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    • Actually Y and R was moved to try to defeat AMC by starting at the earlier start at 12:30PM on June 8, 1981 (42 years ago today). Y and R was going up against Ryan's Hope on ABC and easily dominated the 12:30 pm to 1PM EST time slot, but AMC would beat Y & R from the 1 to 1:30 slot. Eventually Y and R dominated Ryan's Hope and was able to defeat AMC in the 1:00PM slot which is what allowed Y and R to go to Number 1 in the ratings. Ryan's Hope was cancelled in 1989.
    • I literally only know the basics of twitter but it looks like SJB was speaking on a twitter space podcast like thingy and spoke about Guza and called out Vanessa and NLG.  For the life of me I can't listen to it or find a replay even in SJB's links to it, but I am very curious to hear it now.   It's possible she elaborated a little more on the Guza/Claudia stuff there. If anyone on here happened to hear it I would love to know what she said. 
    • Watch The First 10 Minutes Of Episode 6

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      | RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8  
    • The scenes with Margo, Craig, Lyla and Casey were all funny, sweet, touching, something that these characters (and the show) lost by the mid '90s. This is one of the reasons I just never could accept the changes to Craig and his relationships - Craig could be a selfish [!@#$%^&*], but he often loved his family. Scott Bryce had an ease and vulnerability no one else in the part could find. When I watch these again I can understand why I was fond of Shannon at the time, as Margaret Reed is such an emotive, charismatic performer in these years (as shown in her last scene with Richard Burgi), but her stories just go nowhere by this point. The whole idea of morally upright Grant Coleman being evil or a killer is a nonstarter, even if James Douglas does a good job with the doubt.  I was impressed with the relatively honest portrayal of homophobia and how it affects not just the gay character, but also the young straight men who battle with their homophobia and insecurity, and are targeted for being close to him. I've seen other episodes of the story which detail these things, but not sure any have ever done the contrast with Hank, Andy, and Paul as succinctly as this one. The f slur being thrown around makes this feel more real than I had expected. You would not get anything along these lines on a soap in the last few decades. Nor would you get the reality that only a handful of people would actually be close to Hank (especially poor Iva, who in real life probably would have spent half her time venting to gay men), with the most you get otherwise being apathy or hostility.  I've wondered at times whether it was especially true to life for Hal to be son in Hank's corner, but I still appreciate it.  I'm never sure why Marland didn't do more with Iva's biological father and his family. They just never feel very natural, and don't have enough impact on her life. It's a shame the woman who plays the nasty sister, Elizabeth, is so weak, as she is the only one in the group who is allowed to be flawed (as she has to move the plot along while her "good" family react to her). Elizabeth is the type of character you'd get more of on prestige dramas in the '00s and '10s. I wonder if Marland knew someone like her, and couldtn't stand her. Seeing Lisa Brown and Liz Hubbard was a heartbreaker, but a reminder of what underrated, nuanced acting partners they always were together.
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