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Noelle Beck Almost Became Vicky Hudson On AW In 94 and 98 during Contract Talks went down to the wire with JB, But JB ended up staying both times

Real Andrews Actually signed a holding deal with OLTL as a finalist For the role of Greg Evans But OLTL chose Terell Tilford Instead

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Susan Haskell as a Lily recast on ATWT? That's pretty crazy. I can't see how that ever would've worked.

I've heard the thing about Michael Easton being offered Todd a million times now, and it still boggles my mind every time I hear it. LOL

Krista Tesreau as Blair? Glad that never happened.

Didn't OLTL want Daniel Cosgrove as Joey awhile ago?

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Some Gina Tognoni interviews about characters she came close to playing (Carly on GH is somewhere on this list too....I have to wade through some articles)


CBS.com: How did the casting come about?

GINA TOGNONI: I was talking to Y&R for the role of Victoria and I was really excited about that role. At the same time, [CBS Daytime Senior VP] Barbara [bloom] had said, 'We've got this role of Dinah that needs to be back on the canvas. Would you be interested in it?' They asked for a tape so I sent it over there and [GL Casting Director] Rob Decina saw it and liked it and then Ellen gave me a call and said, 'Lets make it happen.' Then we got in a conversation for about two weeks.


I'll have to find the article (I have it somewhere), it was in SID, but she gives an interview about how she was approached by GH to play a character (she didn't say who) and it sounded interesting, but she ultimately decided to stay with GL because they were family (and she wanted to do the shooting story lol).


Michael Fairman: So what went haywire at Y&R and B&B? Didn’t [b&B exec producer] Brad Bell want to team you with Jack Wagner?

Gina Tognoni: Yes, which I would have loved. It was a wonderful experience meeting with Brad, but it came down to asking myself the difficult question: east coast or west coast? I just got married last May. We live in New Jersey. We’re still on the honeymoon! All that came into play when I made the decision, and it really wasn’t easy. The same goes for Y&R, though we never got as far as talking about a character.

I also know the role of Shayne on GL came down to Jeff Branson and Colin Egglesfield.

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When Passions started in 1999, they originally considered John Reilly, Charles Keating, Roy Thinnes, John Forsythe, Dennis Parlato and Jed Allan for the role of Alistair Crane. I think the best one they ended up with was David Baily before his death. Once they finally nabbed John Reilly towards the end, the character became too cartoonish.

McKenzie Westmore originally auditioned for the role of Gwen and Liza Huber auditioned for Sheridan.

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I was cool with the idea of Daniel Cosgrove being a Joey recast up until the news came out that Terri Conn was hired to play Joey's new love interest. TC and DC were a freaking DISASTER together on ATWT. Honestly one of the worst pairings I've ever seen. So I'm glad that DC as Joey never came to pass.

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