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11 hours ago, Taoboi said:


I left that good episode of POTOMAC thinking one thing.


We know better than most the second season curse. It's when a HW...usually well received in her first season...comes back for a second season on a HW show and how they act, how they look, how they are is usually the OPPOSITE of what they were in their first season. Some...Kenya Moore comes to mind...can build on what came before and become a star. Some...okay, most...usually aren't that lucky and lost audience's favor. If they had it in the first place. I think the only current exception to that rule is Garcelle on BH and that's only based on the fact we are halfway through the current season. Time usually tells.

But Doctor Wendy? Yeeeeeah no. LOL!!! While Zen Wen is giving us some pretty petty drama to keep things going so far this season, I think I prefer Doctor Wendy aka Ms. 4 Degrees aka Auenthetic Nigerian Chick. Cuz when even Robyn of all people is picking on you for doing a 180, one should be concerned. 

Really and truly it would seem Wendy is trying to do everything to stay relevant. She would be better off being like Ashley and being either transparent or a little in-on-the-joke like La Dame. Right now, she is interesting, but she's coming across fake, insecure, and so not like the '4 degrees' professor that she was. Is it any wonder that soon the Green Eyed Bandits are going to zoom in on this fact and used it to cause some drama? 

Overall, a good episode though it was probably because the shifting has begun again Wendy, the fact that we got more Wendy vs Mia, and also La Dame and Candiace finally had their talk.

Speaking of...

LA DAME. She continues to be a joy with me, but perhaps you all were right that her shade has been a bit more...vicious...as of late. She still has some fun shade. After all, Robyn asked for it when La Dame gives it...but it's interesting to note. I love how no matter how much the girls try to divide her and Mia, they definitely have each other's back. And it was great to see that Ashley (so far) also has her back with the girls. Meanwhile, she finally had your talk with Candiace and I loved she held her ground. Until Candiace is a totally fool, she will take that olive branch. It will come in handy when Gizelle turns on her.  And anything having to do with La Dame the business is fun to watch. 

GIZELLE. Stay pressed.

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ROBYN. Juan is just not coming out of this looking good at all whether Robyn is right or wrong. It just does not look good. That said...Robyn is really bringing some good shade in her confessionals. But...is anyone really buying those hats? 

CANDIACE. YOU BETTER GET ON THE WINNING TEAM!!!...as Nene Leakes would say. lol. She could be all mad about last season all she want, but she would have been a fool to not take La Dame's olive branch. Still...I felt the tension in that scene with those twos. Because it always came across as a real friendship and it surely hurt her when La Dame was not just ONLY on her side. But I hope they find a middle ground. That said...she gave some good confessional shade. Otherwise...not much that felt real this week from her.

WENDY. If you had told me at the start of the year that her and La Dame would be sitting around with La Dame mentoring her on business...I would not believe you. THEY ARE A HOOT TOGETHER!!! LOL!!!! That said...she really is doing the most with this feud with Mia...trying to keep that little baby voice when she was not baby voiced last season, sounding so fake. It's like she is purposely trying to dumb herself down and on that, Robyn and I agree. While I am having fun with her, perhaps it would have been best if she had tried another strategy to get the audience to like her. 

MIA. Thank God she owned...mostly...she was a stripper. Cuz this group was not buying it. Also they can't use it on her later. So Mia continues to play her hand well. And so far, she continues to come out of these fights with Zen Wen winning by not completely engaging with the thirsty professor. Keep on doing. 

ASHLEY. Living for her enjoying this mess. I also love how she had La Dame's back against Gizelle and got her to invite Gizelle to technically ASHLEY'S party. No ice out yet if she can help it.


Bring on next week when Mia vs everybody. 

Regarding Karen, I was getting a little nervous when I read your post, because she is feeling herself at the moment, lol. And that is always the moment with an OG when 'pride comes before a fall.' I thought what she said to Robyn the first episode was harsh, but it's clear that the dream is over between Karen and the GEBs. She is very much on the defensive with them, and if this spa event was anything to go by, they can barely stand to be in the same room with her.

I did love Karen this episode, though. Especially liked her one-on-one scenes with Wendy and Candiace. That was some great questions and advice she gave Wendy. Speaking of, I am totally befuddled as to how Dr. Wendy did such a 180 into Vapid Wendy. It's not about the new bubbles, the butt, or the styling upgrade (the clothes are especially on point). Professors, too, must dress to impress! It's about, as you point out, the baby voice and the obvious dumbing down. I miss Wendy's smarts, honestly, even if she was obnoxious with Karen last season. I miss her Nigerian pride! Here, her insecurity is on stark display. That rehearsed AF read she gave Mia was some true amateur dramatics. Mia was practically laughing at her. Wendy is working too hard to make Zen Wen and You're Dismissed happen, and it's... not really working.

Karen & Candiace.


I want to be nice about Candiace, but I can't when she pops that triangle tissue sh!t again! What next -- more Post-It notes? How long is she going to keep throwing herself this pity party? It's already been 2 years. Karen isn't a good friend, I can't trust her, waah waah -- and yet Karen was the only one last season NOT to use Candiace's trauma for her own ends in order to make strategic moves against another housewife. As @DaytimeFan said, it is a matter of WHEN, not IF, Gizelle turns against Candy. And yet she's acting like Karen did her more wrong than Monique! Dorothy must be thrilled -- bet she was jealous as hell when Candiace and Karen were close.

I like this Askale chick. She is a real East African beauty.

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10 minutes ago, NothinButAttitude said:

I didn't know that Cheshire got a new intro this past season. At least ITV does their best to update shots often. 


Oh how I miss watching international HW shows...

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Posted (edited)
On 7/25/2021 at 8:31 PM, Taoboi said:


And while I'm on...I see the running rumor is that LeeAndra, Tiffany, and Kameron are back. And there are 3 new girls a la NY S5. And it appears if the rumor is true...it's a black woman, an Asian, and a Muslim...and two of them don't seem to like Kameron. 

Just saw this. Honestly I am stunned that Kameron is back. She imploded at reunion and on Twitter! I for sure thought it would be Kary who had a much better reunion and is messy. But Andy loves him his Nicole Kidman doll, and has never really vibed with Latinas on these shows. Also, the way Kary treated that man in Oklahoma last season was egregious, so maybe what goes around comes around.

I saw photos of Tiffany having dinner with Claudia Jordan and Cynthia Bailey in Dallas last week -- I really hope/wish that Claudia is asked to be a RH!

Perhaps my biggest change of heart concerns Leeanne. I've never been her biggest fan -- I find her fake and she sucks the oxygen out of the room. But after rewatching S4, I think in many ways she was set up and mistreated (even though her words about Kary were xenophobic and very objectionable). I think she needs to make amends (instead of doubling down) on that front, and maybe return as the Maleficent of the show. D'Andra-Leeanne is a real rivalry because both are jealous of each other.

I'm surprised Tiffany is coming back. Firstly -- second season curse. Secondly, her job/rep as an anaesthesiologist. Thirdly, the lawsuit facing her husband's family which is going to be the talk of the season.

Edited by Cat
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1 hour ago, Chris B said:

Same. I hope the rumors of Peacock adding them is true. 


Starting with full seasons of Real Housewives of Melbourne, Vancouver and that one Auckland season which was pure entertainment.

Should I mention Sydney? That was beyond insane. Apparently a Sydney reboot is reported to be in the works.

Never been able to get into Cheshire after Magali left, but hey, more power to it and its longevity! They must be on their 12th season by now. I notice from the opening that they have packed that cast with 8 HWs -- I'm assuming to offset the fact that Dawn was fired.

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Supposedly, the Salt Lake City trailer is coming out sometime this week!

4 hours ago, Cat said:

Perhaps my biggest change of heart concerns Leeanne. I've never been her biggest fan -- I find her fake and she sucks the oxygen out of the room. But after rewatching S4, I think in many ways she was set up and mistreated (even though her words about Kary were xenophobic and very objectionable). I think she needs to make amends (instead of doubling down) on that front, and maybe return as the Maleficent of the show. D'Andra-Leeanne is a real rivalry because both are jealous of each other.

LeeAnne was completely set up. Her comments were very objectionable, but do I believe she is a racist as the other ladies tried to play off? No, I don't. Do I think she was backed into a corner she couldn't get out of, and said [!@#$%^&*] out of anger? Yes.

But, let's be real: she carried the show for FOUR reasons on her back (which is why her pantyliner and weave were exhausted), and this past season lacked anything worthwhile.

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@Gray Bunny My post was a bit mean perhaps. I tripped over my sneakers once and fell down a staircase (it was like slo mo, like a scene out of 80s Dynasty) and smacked my face at the bottom of the stairs. Not fun! And I wouldn't want a hive of killer bees chasing me and getting into my hair either. So I feel a bit guilty about posting! But the devil on my shoulder was like 'Hmmm. I wonder who wrote that in their Burn Book?'

And yes, Rinna is currently saging the house with organic sage Harry Hamlin grew in the backyard. 

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Excuse Me Reaction GIF by Election 2020

Ramona is so insufferable and so contradictory of herself. The one plus side? She keeps forgetting she's mic'd during filming. Also, Martin NEEDS to be a more prominent figure, because I friggin' love him! Can we make him an honourary sixth housewife?

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Because we only got the mid season trailer, we went into RHONY blind last night and my god was it boring! I really don’t know how they’ll get another 10 episodes out of this if the pacing remains the same. 

The one thing that I did note is that Eboni is a hating bitch. The way she did Bershan was childish and messy. Why invite everybody to a party in front of her and say she can’t go? And then to say she isn’t the right type of Black person to go and use covid as an excuse was pure BS. Bershan is a paid cast member so she’d be under whatever covid protocols the other girls are.

Eboni is trying to ice her out because she doesn’t like her. I wouldn’t be surprised if Eboni was one of those “there can only be one” girls bad is thinking strategically towards next season. Bershan hasn’t done anything the other ladies haven’t for Eboni to hate her this much. 

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