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On 7/23/2021 at 6:28 PM, Liberty City said:

Oh, she was definitely self-medicating, but not in the way of an alcoholic. She clearly had too much, got arrested and threatened a police officer.
Again, I don't want to say or downplay what she is or she isn't, but, based on what I've seen (via the show) she does not read an alcoholic to me in the same way others do.

I think the problem is there are too few housewives this season; as proven during the seven season, this franchise thrives with a large amount of housewives. Five housewives for RHONYC? Not enough.

I know people wanted her as a full-time housewife when she was a "friend," but have not watched RHOBH for years, so... I don't even know.

I agree NY and Atlanta are having issues with just five housewives.

Only NJ and OC have ever been able to have good seasons with just five housewives.

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On 7/17/2021 at 11:14 AM, Cat said:

Agree with you. This was the most open Erika has been with us ever. I believe her fear of the possibility of going to jail. I believe her when she said people have dumped her (not Mikey, surely?). She said she was unable to talk to Tom and unable to talk about Boeing and it made me wonder if she has actually, on the advice of her lawyer, turned state's evidence, cooperating with the law, in return for leniency. But then there is the $20mn he wired to her company, and the assets she has recently tried to block from being paid out... The evidence against her is a lot.

As for Rinna, this was the best she's been since S5. I remember those dresses for real, because when she started going out with Harry Hallin, it was a HUGE thing. Honestly, its a shame soaps have gone down in popular culture because Rinna is such a natural Soap Star. It also reminded me how great the early/mid 90s were-- not just for soaps (which of course they were: I was addicted to Days, GH, Y&R/B&B around this time, and also getting into ATWT -- everyone i knew watched soaps!), but just generally the 90s had great movies, stars, TV, music, fashion, gossip. And Rinna really was in the firmament for a while.


My apologies for just now getting to this....but you said it well yesterday about this as well. I have not watched this past week of BH...yet...but I'm afraid that the final confessional is going to be the ONLY time where she came across as real in all of this. To be clear...cuz I know how my words sounded...not the sitdown with Kyle...that was so producer driven IMHO, but the confessionals during it. THAT felt real. But like you say...it is hard to watch Erika period knowing the facts about the 20mn, and her attempts to block money from the victims in RL or her presence on social media (a no comment would have been advised I am sure and she should have followed it.  ) just makes one side-eye her HARD. But again we all did hear her say that she wore a wire...could she had made a deal for herself to bust Tom? Hmmmmm


You have great taste in soaps eras.

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I hate to say it because Porsha on RHOA has burned me after hating her and falling in love with her from Season 10/11 to now, but I have been liking the quirkiness of Lisa Rinna (I know I'm actually using her name) the last few episodes. Definitely the best since Season 5. How she used to be. 




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I finally got to see last week's episode. And...Candiace and Ashley...the expression reaction team I didn't think I needed. lol. 


At first I thought the episode was off. But as it went on, it became an episode of fun shade and little moments that reminded me of how great POTOMAC tends to be. 


While we still had not made it to the main storyline this season, it's been great that we have this little feud between Wendy and Mia. What seem minor in the season opener is slowly but surely blowing up and it's been fun to watch so far. I thought Wendy really was throwing too much shade at someone she did not know. But now Mia was doing it during  the couple game and it feels...more matched?

Speaking of teams...awwww at La Dame and Ashley bonding. I loved that they have acknowledged that they really have come a loooooooooong way from Season 1. And lol at Dean not liking La Dame. 


LA DAME. That was Sing Sing? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! Of course, that would be something she would do. However, I did wonder if that was just her covering up that she knew more about Gizelle. After all, they have known each other a long time. And perhaps she does want that friendship or she is intelligent enough to not completely burn the bridge. YET. And I liked that her and Candiace are taking steps. And as I mentioned...good to see that her and Ashley are on the same side for now. 


GIZELLE. She really has nothing going on than this fake storyline, does she? Even her kids drag her which stays funny. And even Mia got in on the act at the love party. 


ROBYN. It is becoming more and more clear that Juan is OVER filming. Not surprised she helped Gizelle with the fake storyline. But at least her fashion is on point. 


ASHLEY. lol. And same with Juan, Michael is OVER filming. It is not as bad as with Robyn because Ashley was one of the main pot stirrers on this show and does not need him to stay interesting, but most of the drama at times did come from him as well. Should be interesting to see if a void pops up with her. I suspect, unlike Robyn, not. And I LIVED for her and Candiace reacting to Wendy vs Mia. 


CANDIACE. I have mixed feelings. It is clear she is getting the good edit so far. Especially after last season. I said this earlier, but it's like Porsha over on RHOA. I used to hate her, but she grew on me when she was preggers. Then this past season and the Simon drama revealed that all of that might have been a lie in the first place. So showing Candiace with kids, seeing her working on her acting AND music career, her trying to rise above...well, it's good to see her try to mature finally. I just don't trust if it's completely real. Like how Ashley is transparent for example. Judging from the fact Candiace IRL did release a new video recently (and we will see the process on the show per the trailer), it appears legit. So...we'll see. I was not bugged by her.


WENDY. I think I preferred 4 Degrees Wendy to BlowUp Doll Wendy. The only thing they have in common is that both were highly insecure. And Mia's presence is driving her crazy. Good for us because we have a fun feud going on. However, she feels so artificial to me now. The only time she did not was with her family. And I love her sister so that was cool. Still...she feels very 'throw it at the wall to see what sticks' right now. And I feel that will bite her on the big butt in the end. 


MIA. She continues to be a fun breath of fresh air. It was nice to see her family life and her husband interacting with the other husbands. She is definitely fitting in with the group which is good. 


So...good start.


Round 3 tonight. lol.



And while I'm on...I see the running rumor is that LeeAndra, Tiffany, and Kameron are back. And there are 3 new girls a la NY S5. And it appears if the rumor is true...it's a black woman, an Asian, and a Muslim...and two of them don't seem to like Kameron. 

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Posted (edited)


Wendy is making an ass of herself this season. Where did her Doctor Wendy persona go? This Zen Wen is an unfortunate caricature...

Gizelle is bitter and it's not wearing well on her. The way she bolted from the spa party spoke volumes.

Candiace also remains bitter and her inability to move on with Karen is going to hurt her in the long run when Gizelle turns on her. And trust, that moment is coming. That Candiace cannot appreciate the difficulty of Karen being caught in the middle between her and Monique shows how immature she is. 

Robyn = snoreworthy. I wish her well with the hats though, the lining is a good idea.

Ashley glows with pregnancy and she is fit to burst! 

Mia I still don't have a solid read on but I'm glad she admitted to being a stripper because denying it would have dogged her all season long so she was smart to nip it in the bud.

Karen remains an easy, breezy person to watch. I loved the lines about Gizelle not being a good wig wearer and that Satan was hosting the spa party. 



This season is firing on all cylinders for me and it's all down to watching the implosion of Erika. The preposterous story of Tom rolling down a hill after driving off a cliff behind their house (their house is on Los Altos Drive in Pasadena and there is no street with multiple switchbacks behind their house...) had everyone confused because it made absolutely no sense.

As we've said several times, there is a possibility that Erika didn't know (I don't believe that, given the $20 million transfer to her company by Tom)...but even if that's the case, the callousness and the way she has resisted every attempt to provide frank disclosure and hand over assets that appear to be funded off of ill gotten gains is appalling. 

It's also Lisa Rinna's best season in years. We see much of the Rinna that we found enjoyable. 

Kathy, of course, remains so odd and hilarious. Sweeping up broken glass with a BBQ brush? It's like performance art. 

Dorit and PK are back into mega debt, owing $1.3 million in taxes: https://pagesix.com/2021/07/22/dorit-and-pk-kemsley-owe-1-3-million-in-unpaid-taxes-report/



Yes, this is easily RHONY's worst season and most of that comes down to Covid and the inability to film the show as it normally would be.

This episode was the best of the season as the seance continued and we got a glimpse into Sonja's family life.

I do believe that recasting this season by dumping Ramona and/or Luann would be a big, huge, fatal mistake. Neither of them is the problem with this season. The cast is too small and there is too much of a divide with Leah and the rest of the cast - she sticks out like a sore thumb.

I think they should keep Eboni and Bershan. I think with a season under their belts, and Sonja's burgeoning friendship with Eboni, there will be more of a natural relationship. They also desperately need to bring back Dorinda and Bethenny. 

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I left that good episode of POTOMAC thinking one thing.


We know better than most the second season curse. It's when a HW...usually well received in her first season...comes back for a second season on a HW show and how they act, how they look, how they are is usually the OPPOSITE of what they were in their first season. Some...Kenya Moore comes to mind...can build on what came before and become a star. Some...okay, most...usually aren't that lucky and lost audience's favor. If they had it in the first place. I think the only current exception to that rule is Garcelle on BH and that's only based on the fact we are halfway through the current season. Time usually tells.

But Doctor Wendy? Yeeeeeah no. LOL!!! While Zen Wen is giving us some pretty petty drama to keep things going so far this season, I think I prefer Doctor Wendy aka Ms. 4 Degrees aka Auenthetic Nigerian Chick. Cuz when even Robyn of all people is picking on you for doing a 180, one should be concerned. 

Really and truly it would seem Wendy is trying to do everything to stay relevant. She would be better off being like Ashley and being either transparent or a little in-on-the-joke like La Dame. Right now, she is interesting, but she's coming across fake, insecure, and so not like the '4 degrees' professor that she was. Is it any wonder that soon the Green Eyed Bandits are going to zoom in on this fact and used it to cause some drama? 

Overall, a good episode though it was probably because the shifting has begun again Wendy, the fact that we got more Wendy vs Mia, and also La Dame and Candiace finally had their talk.

Speaking of...

LA DAME. She continues to be a joy with me, but perhaps you all were right that her shade has been a bit more...vicious...as of late. She still has some fun shade. After all, Robyn asked for it when La Dame gives it...but it's interesting to note. I love how no matter how much the girls try to divide her and Mia, they definitely have each other's back. And it was great to see that Ashley (so far) also has her back with the girls. Meanwhile, she finally had your talk with Candiace and I loved she held her ground. Until Candiace is a totally fool, she will take that olive branch. It will come in handy when Gizelle turns on her.  And anything having to do with La Dame the business is fun to watch. 

GIZELLE. Stay pressed.

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ROBYN. Juan is just not coming out of this looking good at all whether Robyn is right or wrong. It just does not look good. That said...Robyn is really bringing some good shade in her confessionals. But...is anyone really buying those hats? 

CANDIACE. YOU BETTER GET ON THE WINNING TEAM!!!...as Nene Leakes would say. lol. She could be all mad about last season all she want, but she would have been a fool to not take La Dame's olive branch. Still...I felt the tension in that scene with those twos. Because it always came across as a real friendship and it surely hurt her when La Dame was not just ONLY on her side. But I hope they find a middle ground. That said...she gave some good confessional shade. Otherwise...not much that felt real this week from her.

WENDY. If you had told me at the start of the year that her and La Dame would be sitting around with La Dame mentoring her on business...I would not believe you. THEY ARE A HOOT TOGETHER!!! LOL!!!! That said...she really is doing the most with this feud with Mia...trying to keep that little baby voice when she was not baby voiced last season, sounding so fake. It's like she is purposely trying to dumb herself down and on that, Robyn and I agree. While I am having fun with her, perhaps it would have been best if she had tried another strategy to get the audience to like her. 

MIA. Thank God she owned...mostly...she was a stripper. Cuz this group was not buying it. Also they can't use it on her later. So Mia continues to play her hand well. And so far, she continues to come out of these fights with Zen Wen winning by not completely engaging with the thirsty professor. Keep on doing. 

ASHLEY. Living for her enjoying this mess. I also love how she had La Dame's back against Gizelle and got her to invite Gizelle to technically ASHLEY'S party. No ice out yet if she can help it.


Bring on next week when Mia vs everybody. 

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Mia vs. Wendy is going to be FIRE as the season goes along. Just... incredible! Plus, Wendy's scenes with Karen? Those were good.
Candiace and Karen's sit down was mature and very well done; I'm just sad Karen couldn't try and see Candiace's side a bit more, because I feel like she went in and wanted Candiace to just say "all is forgiven," and to move along.

The only and I do mean the only genuine thing about Mia is her love for her children. Her speaking to her husband felt like crocodile tears, and her prissy-girl voice is annoying as all get-out.

2 hours ago, Taoboi said:

ROBYN. Juan is just not coming out of this looking good at all whether Robyn is right or wrong. It just does not look good. That said...Robyn is really bringing some good shade in her confessionals. But...is anyone really buying those hats? 

No, he won't. His intention is good, but his execution is sh!t.

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52 minutes ago, Taoboi said:

Hold up! To spite Wendy, Mia is now selling HER...OWN...CANDLES...I...

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Donkey Booty vs Stallion Booty, Part Deux.

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Good for DAYS/NBC/Universal/Corday etc. to bring Lisa Rinna back for the DAYS Peacock spinoff.  It's not Depends Adult Diapers money, but she's still a hustler, and she's more recognized for Housewives these days, so it's a wise move for potential eyeballs.  (Side note: I just hope she plays Billie Reed, and not Lisa Rinna on camera, ya know? It's been awhile since she's acted on camera... as a different character, that is)

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17 minutes ago, Gray Bunny said:

Good for DAYS/NBC/Universal/Corday etc. to bring Lisa Rinna back for the DAYS Peacock spinoff.  It's not Depends Adult Diapers money, but she's still a hustler, and she's more recognized for Housewives these days, so it's a wise move for potential eyeballs.  (Side note: I just hope she plays Billie Reed, and not Lisa Rinna on camera, ya know? It's been awhile since she's acted on camera... as a different character, that is)

They didn't know what to do with her in her last few returns but she did fine acting-wise.
Billie was always very much written - at least when she was playing her - with LR's spunk so I am not worried about her acting.

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