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Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

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MONIQUE:  You will never put me in a box because I'm the whole darn package.


GIZELLE:  Whoever said you can't have it all obviously hasn't met Gizelle.


CANDICE:  Life is a pageant and I'm in it to win it.


ROBYN: Life has its ups and downs, but my life is on the rebound.


KAREN:  I may have switched castles, but I am still reigning over Potomac.


ASHLEY: You may say that I cause trouble, I say I make things interesting.



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22 hours ago, Nothin'ButAttitude said:

I've heard 2 variations of Marlo getting exposed. STFA, who is VERY reliable, is saying that Porsha exposed Marlo at the reunion. Supposedly, Marlo was fooling with John (Nene's pizza man ex from s4), and stole some scandalous texts between Nene/John from his phone. 


I think B. Scott, who is also reliable, says that Kenya was the one that exposed Marlo. 


Regardless, one of the two (Porsha or Kenya) most likely exposed Marlo. If Marlo is on s11, I see Nene flipping on her a** yet again. She ought to know that Nene does NOT take lightly to people backstabbing her. Marlo is gonna pay dearly for that....


I am so giddy that Kim got dragged by her synthetic wig. I can't wait to see that. I heard that Kandi called Sheree out at the reunion too. 


I don't think Kenya is gonna be fired, and I called it. I knew she was gonna reveal her pregnancy at the reunion, which will most likely save her job. Whether Andy (along with most of the audience) hates Kenya or not, everyone wants to see her give birth of a child to see if it is true or not. Queenya is gonna make a come back next year and haters will deal! :P

Who cares if that fake heffa is pregnant or not.

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On 3/7/2018 at 4:22 PM, alwaysAMC said:

The Potomac trailer just dropped.  It looks ok.  New housewife and Charrisse has been dropped to Friend status.  The Karen stuff looks good, but not really here for Ashley or Robyn's marital issues. 


Wasn't Katie supposed to be back??  I guess that didn't work out.





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