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Recovering lost films and TV shows

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It's amazing that they can find these films after so long. It makes you wonder what other hidden treasures are out there just waiting to be re-discovered.

And it looks like they were three shorts spliced together (I'm not sure if they were all Meleis), which is even better.




I always figure everything has been found so any surprises always make me happy. 

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Orson Welles' long-lost The Other Side of the Wind - reconstructed and slated to be released by Netflix - has been pulled from the Cannes Film Festival along with several major new films due to Cannes' ongoing nasty feud with Netflix.  Beatrice Welles, Welles' oft-litigious daughter who fought the Wind restoration team for years, sent a letter to Netflix pleading for them to reconsider.


I support Netflix boycotting Cannes until it agrees to give their films award consideration - there are some excellent ones, including Dee Rees' Mudbound (an Oscar contender this past year) and Bong Joon-ho's Okja. But with The Other Side of the Wind I'd make an exception. It was Orson Welles' final work and I believe it deserves to be first screened at Cannes. I certainly will be making an effort to see it theatrically assuming it screens locally.

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