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Plastic Surgery of the Soap Stars

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There are only A FEW women who should be seen "from up close and with a magnifying glass, if possible, when they out of bed". As a matter of fact all women should avoid that. This sounds very cruel, almost like a nightmare, at least for me. :D Susan Lucci looks gorgeous and when I remember how old she is, she looks even more gorgeous.. ;)

I was just thinking about this thread yesterday.

I was at the dentist and the hygenist put on Rachael Ray who was interviewing Susan Lucci. The hygenist was chattering away about how she wasn't a soap person but she loves Susan. "How long has she been on Days of Our Lives?" :lol: I told her that AMC is celebrating its fortieth and SuLu has been on the whole time.

"So did she start as a child actor?"

"No, she's in her early 60s."

"Are you KIDDING?! She looks gorgeous! No older than 45! Please tell me she's had work!" LOL!

Oh honey, I thought, if you only knew. Thanks DaytimeFan for making me feel like an insider!

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*Hunter Tylo (Taylor) has ruined her face. She has had a hard time so maybe this was her way of acting out.

If I remember correctly, Tylo's official position is that she's had no plastic surgery done (none, not a stitch). I just have a hard time believing that.

Don Diamont... That facial hair is working for him (and working for me, too). Sexy! He looks to me to be one of the few men aging without any sort of surgical enhancement.

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She kind of looks like Angelyne in that photo, but I agree that that ain't bad for a woman in her late seventies. As DaytimeFan was getting at, people hear Joan Collins say that she's never had a facelift or "buttocks" (that's how she pronounces botox) and they scoff, but pictures like that are proof that she's a whiz with makeup AND like Morgan Fairchild and Susan Lucci, I have no doubt that she knows just how she must be lit. With great lighting, you don't even need airbrushing. My friend worked with a photographer in L.A. who did amazing work, he made skin look so soft and flawless and even whitened teeth (!) all with lighting, no expensive airbrushing at all. Not saying that Joanie's never been airbrushed, but I'm speaking more to her appearance on television.

Her eyes have baffled me in the past. Back when fX was launched in the mid-'90s, they aired Dynasty reruns and Joan did a bumper ("Hello, I'm Joan Collins, and you're watching Dynasty, on f/x.") Well, she had pretty heavy bags under her eyes in that bumper, then I saw her in something a few years later and they were gone, saw her again a few years later and they were back. Once that fat is gone, it's gone. For good. (Years ago on her hotline Robin Strasser said that she'd never had plastic surgery, but I now assume she meant a facelift. I doubted her because I remember how her eyes looked in the '80s compared to when she came back to OLTL in the '90s, she had definitely had those lower eyelid fat pads removed. She later mentioned in her blog that she did in fact have her eyes done, a doctor took a mini-cannula and liposuctioned the pads out.) So yeah, I don't know how much Joan has fibbed in the past, but I think it's pretty obvious that she hasn't gone to the extremes that people like to rib her about.

And BTW, I think that Alexis Bittar photo is EVERYTHING.

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Mrs. Garrett voice:

Joan Collins is a bitch! There's no doubt about it. Everyone says she's an extremely difficult person. It's a miracle people still wanna work with her - but I guess they DOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

+3 I live for that clip, and my favorite part (aside from the way Joan jumps up in her seat and looks around the studio, "Who is this cow?") is the "but I guess they DOOOOOOOOO!!!!" I worked that line into a post here on SON once before. :P

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