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Top 10 Scariest Movies!!

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The two creepiest parts of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre were...

1.) When Jessica Biel's character was being chased around by the chainsaw-wielding psychopath and ended up inside the trailer of that perky fat lady and the crazy looking Sinead O'Connor lookalike. They told her that they didn't have a phone, then drugged her tea -- and the phone rang minutes later. And she had nowhere to run.


2.) The scene where the chainsaw-wielding psychopath just finished murdering one of the supporting characters, then turned around to look at Jessica Biel's character and he was wearing her boyfriend Kemper's face.

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God, so hard. But I have to say my list is pretty much the same as everyone elses.

Halloween 2 (I so agree with ya Drew)

Friday The 13th (original)

The Shining

The Exorcist

Black Christmas (holy crap)

Texas Chainshaw Massacre


Nightmare on Elm Street

It (another holy crap)

#1 -> Psycho

Unless I missed 'em, I'm surprise no one listed It or the Chucky movies...

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