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Guiding Light discussion thread

Paul Raven

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I remember when Pam Long was let go, I think SOW said it was ratings, however SOD said that she clashed with tptb over stories and they sqashed some of her stories. A poster or 2 on this site also say she and then exec producer Robert Calhoun didn't get along. It may have been a combination of all that. She did have that show clicking on all cylinders when she left.

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I imagine Reva and Tony punching each other out.

"Hiiii-yaaah Reva,"

"Lordy I have been jus' waitin' for a man that could high kick!"

LOL...Actually, I ment I wonder of Bearcroft and Zimmer would have any chemistry. But now that you say it, Reva needed a man like Tony Reardon who wouldnt put up with her sh*t. I don't know why they never had a "guy," who really loved her but wouldn't put up with her drama....they all had to be in love/obsessed with her including Josh and Kyle .

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I think that could have been Reva/Buzz, but she was subdued during their marriage.

I can see Zimmer and Beecroft working well together, although they burnt through story so fast with Reva in those years.

I wish they'd tried her with Justin Marler. I still don't know why they let him go.

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I know they refused to have a story where Harley became involved with a Jewish man. What were the others?

SOD, when announcing her departure mentioned that one, plus Long's plan to lure back Kim Zimmer to appear in a Christmas dream of Marah's. I also remember either in 89 or 90, SOD did an article about recycled plots and the need for shows to come up with new ideas. Long stated she wanted to do a story about people with problems being preyed on by others, causing them to join a cult, but tptb told her that they didn't tell those types of stories at GL. She gave up fighting to tell the story because they would've interfered with it, turning the story into something else. I'm sure there's a lot of possible stories we'll never know about.
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The show was slipping at the time in the ratings. Although i can't find the 90-91 ratings....here are the year before


1. The Young And The Restless 8.0

2. General Hospital 7.4

3. All My Children 6.5

4. One Life To Live 6.3

5. As The World Turns 5.8

6. The Bold And The Beautiful 5.7

7. Days Of Our Lives 5.4

7. Guiding Light 5.4

9. Another World 4.0

10. Santa Barbara 3.7

12. Loving 3.4

13. Generations 2.6

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