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The 1990s were such a great standing for this soap. Miss those times.


20 hours ago, Soapsuds said:



This was fantastic, and I find it interesting that both Nicole Forester and Laura Wright were working at the same time in the same role.

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16 minutes ago, Mitch said:

It was totally in character for Reva with her big appetites to get a bit heavier and maybe get tired of "dolling herself up to go Kroger" but  oh, if they only knew how to dress women who weren't stick figures..they made her look worse.


I don't want to besmirch anyone and since I don't recall if I read it as a fact or simply speculated in my head, I am going to ask.
Has anyone ever discussed the issue of Reva's latter-day wardrobe? I have always assumed the problem was as much about KZ's taking time to adapt to her new shape (to be fair, many people including me postpone changing their wardrobe because they expect to lose the weight and then never do) and her ego not letting them dress her plus-size as it was GL not knowing how to do it.

I seem to vaguely remember her admitting that by the time OLTL came around she was more comfortable in her own skin and that was why her wardrobe there was a lot more appropriate.

But I could be wrong. Do we know?

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1 hour ago, zanereed said:


That's what I found unbelievable - TPTB replace Hulswit with a "younger" actor in Simon, who was essentially *3 years younger* versus Hulswit, and who eventually also had his own hair challenges! 


I enjoyed Peter Simon on SFT and even on ATWT, but to be frank, I found Mart Hulswit to be much more attractive.


36 minutes ago, Mitch said:

That's the writers, directors producers fault for allowing MOL to do that. I know Wheeler went on and on about how funny he is and keeps everyone's morale up but while that might be true with people you work closely with, it does not translate well on the screen. I think Rick was so underwritten that MOL threw things in he felt were funny to just get attention and fill a scene. I think in scenes where he is a good husband, brother, son and friend he did quite well (and he looked damn good in those scenes of Abby leaving him.)  A show needs "normal" people to ground it and the Bauers were always those people (while having soap issues.)


This is exactly right...and I think the Bauers filled that "everyman" role on the show so they, like us, can get a bit more pudgy and loose hair and still exist in Springfield.  I actaully thought Zimmer's weight gain and aging made Reva likeable again. It was totally in character for Reva with her big appetites to get a bit heavier and maybe get tired of "dolling herself up to go Kroger" but  oh, if they only knew how to dress women who weren't stick figures..they made her look worse.


Reva gaining weight and looking frumpier actually helped make the character more accessible, it's true. Who could relate to a clone, a ghost, a time traveller, etc.? 


36 minutes ago, Mitch said:

Oh, yea, there would be issues there with Lillian and her role in Mo's death. Great fodder.  I wish that McTrash brought Mike back when PS left under her reign of terror. Alan was busing destroying 5th Street and Mike on AM's behalf could have intervened and then Alex would be caught between Mike and Alan. The only problem was that really bad recast of AM was on then.


There were so many times throughout the last decades when Mike and Hope could have been used effectively and logically. 


36 minutes ago, Mitch said:

I agree, and yes, the Santos and Carmen should have been developed more. With Carmen wanting to get out of the dirt but constantly dragged back in, as a Latina trying to get power and respect in Springfield, and Danny who she felt was the ticket to respectability so she would both hate Chele for her role in whatshisfaces death and also see her as a ticket to social respectability through the Bauers.  I think SS could have played it well, but they just brought her on and kept her as Cruella Deville and it never worked.


Exactly. Caricatures are more of a turn-off than anything else. Once I see that some characters will never be more than one-dimensional caricatures, I just want them off the show.

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