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Guiding Light discussion thread

Paul Raven

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That was great! Wish Jean, Beth and Frank had a longer segment and interacted with some other folks but I found it to be such a soothing, trip down memory lane.


And Bryan and Rachel! How great was that? And Melissa Hayden is apparently still in touch with “baby Peter”. I love knowing that.


And Rachel and Peter! The well runs deep. 

The affection they all have for each other is heartwarming.


And, of course, Jerry closing it out brought all the feels (pretty sure it brought a tear to Grant’s eye).

I wish it had been longer. 

Say what you want about Alan but he was the driving force behind all these reunions and he has brought such joy to so many fans. He got me interested in revisiting GL and YT episodes are my guilty pleasure. Watching it again like it’s the first time has been a much needed distraction during these crappy nine months.

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19 minutes ago, slick jones said:

Oh my...Kristi sounds like Granny Clampet now. I couldn't tell what she looks like. Funny for someone who did under fives she, while not a great actress brought a lot of charm and life to that role. Krista looks great, and Kimmer looks happy and fun. Please, Mikey, no more impressions!

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19 minutes ago, Soaplovers said:

Kristi was pretty blunt...seeing Alan's face was hilarious. 


Did my eyes deceive me but was Harley J Kozak on the Christmas thing with the funky glasses???  I hope she does a reunion soon.

Yes that was Annabelle!  I'm surprised Alan even knew she existed.

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It sounded like Robert Newman arranged for Harley to appear as they are cousins, and gave the details to Alan per what was said during the chat. Here's hoping they could arrange a longer discussion, as it didn't seem like an impossibility.



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