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I hated Nadine's murder. Other than that I thought it was a very solid story, genuinely creepy, brilliantly acted, the only time Sonia Satra ever rose above grindingly mediocre, a way to build a love between Lucy and Alan-Michael that the actors themselves couldn't generate, and a wonderful umbrella story. I can understand why people were offended by the HIV test switching, but I thought this was balanced by Susan, who was one of the strongest and best new characters McTavish has ever created and a refreshing change from the usual short-term character who is brought in to die, and the only woman that Vincent Irizarry worked well with in his run as Nick. I hated to see her go. I'm sorry Nancy Bell never had any other soap work.

I agree it was a thrilling storyline and it never became too campy either. I hated that Nadine's death was made worse by the fact no one knew she was dead until her body floated up like months later, they all thought she had simply started a new life somewhere else. Now Cutter's murder that was gruesome, writing MAR with his own blood and all. Poor Cutter he was always smitten with Mindy and Tangie. My only regret about Tangie's exit was it came right as Brent came back to town; if only she had just stayed on a little longer to be offed by Brent. ^_^ The Nick and Susan story was great but it's a shame they didn't continue it, instead they written off together not long after the story ended.

I agree with you Carl on Raines. Oh I think Raines could deliver sometimes and was very charming, being charming alone never took him far. Nothing against Raines because I liked him, but after seeing old clips of what Bernau and even Pilon could do in the role made me wish we had a stronger actor in the role. I'm also a bit surprised Raines was hired as he was a complete outsider to soaps, something unusual for Jill Farren Phelps isn't it?

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I liked Cutter. I think he suffered from JFP or whoever not seeing him as being an important enough character. I remember SOD asking JFP why they weren't going to go further with the Tangie/Cutter pairing, and she said well you never know. But it was obvious they were more interested in the triangle with Alan-Michael and Alan, and she had no chemistry with either of them. It was also derivative to have a triangle between father and son, especially since Alan had just returned, and Alan-Michael was a very poorly defined character. I think this was mostly just stalling for time because the show did not allow Gilly/Alan-Michael and I think the show's plans for Lucy/Alan-Michael were probably put on hold because I don't believe Lucy was ever as popular as they assumed she would be.

I felt sorry for Marcy Walker. I felt like they finally found a role for her towards the end, working at the Journal with Fletcher, Holly, and Nick, but that was after so much aimlessness, especially the stuff with Josh, which alienated me at the time because I spent most of the 90s wanting Josh to go away.

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I believe that if she had given the show six more months, the show would have found something interesting for Marcy Walker to do (provided, of course, the writers commit to finding her a storyline). But, you know, I don't blame her for leaving, since she had been basically neglected for so long.

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Thing was though Kim Zimmer was back by the time Walker exited the show; given another six months Walker would have found herself been either in a very secondary role(which is was what Tangie always should have been) or pushed off the show altogether. The whole A-M/Tangie/Alan was boring and a little strange. The August 1995 eps I have that I recorded way back then feature pretty much the break-up of Alan and Tangie as well as Gilly giving back Sid the engagement ring; they had tied Sid/Gilly to Alan/Tangie over the zealous way Sid treated Tangie on the witness stand. Not to mention Sid handled Alan's bribe money to Brent. The Josh and Tangie story always struck me as strange especially the Roger angle. Actually Josh's return was pretty aimless until Reva's return. It's funny a while back I discovered old Usenet posts shortly after Santa Barbara's end on speculation of Zimmer returning to GL by the summer of '93. It was interesting because those users were fully anticipating her return and getting excited, even though a return didn't take place til two years later.

I have read Cutter was intended to be a leading supercop hero and Mallet's replacement. For whatever reason, Cutter ended up remaining a back-burner character and aside from being tested with Mindy and Lucy and his fling with Tangie never had real story other than being a rent-a-cop. The actor Scott Hoxby popped up on Y&R a couple years ago playing that gangster Walter Palin.

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I was just watching some of this sh!tty movie with Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, about a producer who shakes up a news program. Patti D'Arbanville plays Rachel's mother. In one scene, Rachel is talking to her boss, Jeff Goldblum, and there was a woman standing next to him, his wife or girlfriend, and I could swear it was Liz Keifer. Was that her??? IMDB doesn't credit her for this but it looked like her, it really did.

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I don't read the new soap magazines very much now so had no idea. All this and IMDB didn't even give her a credit. That's neat that she even got to use her own photos - I guess it was a good way for the movie to save money.

I haven't seen Black Swan yet but will look out for Tina.

So, I was reading an old SOD, and Kathleen Cullen was fired as Amanda? I always assumed she'd left by her own choice. I think that was a stupid decision, as Amanda could have been an interesting contrast to Alex. I guess Long and Kobe just liked the hooting and hollering women or the obvious victim women - Trish was also phased out during their run.

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Question: How did people feel about the special Wednesday episodes that surrounded one character or story? Do you think they were a good idea? Was the idea good, but the execution poor? Do you think it was just a bad idea all around? Was there anyone's you liked - which ones did you hate?

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In 2006 a lot of them were good, like Reva's goodbye party, Mother's Day celebration etc. I don't think any of them in 2007 were good at all. I think the thing that ticked me off is often the episodes would contain a single event that was interesting and well written for the episode ie. Ross' funeral, the truth about Jeffery, the fire at the Beacon etc. but was only contained ONE episode instead of being written out for several weeks.

I've got synopses for the Aug '95 episodes I have, and I'll start with the first ep I have which is dated to Friday, August 4, 1995. The major highlight of this features Tangie testifying against Alan, and Gilly breaking off her engagement to Sid:

COURTHOUSE: Tangie promises not to testify if Alan will confess publicly to his crimes. Yeah, he'll have to go to jail, but she'll know he really loves her, so she'll stand by him. Alan doesn't understand how, if she loves him, she can ask him to go back to jail, knowing what it will do to him. "If you love me, it should be easy," she answers. Nick & Sid barge in. Nick wants to know what Alan's up to now & Sid wants him to get back in the courtroom. "I do love you," says Alan (to Tangie, not to Sid). "Then prove it," replies Tangie. Sid drags Alan away & Nick shakes his head & asks Tangie if she's OK. "Ask me again when it's over," she says.

Out in the hall, Alex strides through a drooling pack of reporters. Roger steps in & "rescues" her. She will make no statement before its time. Aside, he opines that it's a lovely day for a hanging. "Destroying your son... sounds rather noose-worthy to me," he puns. Alex says AM destroyed himself by testifying against Alan. Rog admires AM's candor. It was all lies & Tangie's about to tell some more & then it will all be over, says Alex. Rog grins knowingly. Tangie will stand up just fine & so will the truth, he thinks, & he's looking forward to seeing Alan get what's coming to him. He exits in search of a ringside seat.

Sid drags Alan through Pavlov's news-hounds & into the courtroom. He warns Alan to tell him where he's going in the future & worries that the judge will find out Alan was badgering a witness. Alan asks what kind of sentence he would get for a guilty plea. Two-to-five years, replies a confused Sid. The judge enters, cutting their conversation short. Everyone sits & the people call Tangie Hill. The bailiff swears her in.

Robinson starts out with some easy questions--how long have you lived in Springfield? Since Oct. 1993, she answers. Tangie answers questions about where she works & how/when she met Alan. It was a year ago at the Roadhouse, right after he got out of jail. She says they were friends. "Would you please describe what that friendship was based on." Alex rolls her eyes & we fade to Robinson thanking Tangie for her testimony.

The judge calls for Sid's cross & he announces that Alex will be doing it. "Does the term `SLUT' mean anything to you?!" she demands. Robinson objects & Judge Alex overrules him. [Whoops! I think we just slid into nightmare-in-daytime land!] Tangie maintains her cool as Alex questions her on the definitions of "whore," "gold-digger," "truth," "liar" & "perjury." Tangie fails the vocabulary quiz & says Alex is twisting her words. Counselor Alex says it's just how Tangie twisted Alan around her "greasy, greedy little false fingernails." Tangie is so cool, she's got

icicles hanging from her hair. She admits she tried to gain Alan's confidence, but denies that she tried to learn about his financial holdings. She cops to having written a flattering article about him.

Counselor Alex explodes when Tangie doesn't answer with a simple yes or no. She throws some easy ones at Tangie: was she Alan's guest at the Towers? (yes) And on his jet? (a slightly smug yes) And at the country club & at

his home, where she spent the night? (yes, yes & yes) Spent the night with him? Tangie waffles & Robinson objects, but Judge Alex overrules. "I loved him," claims Tangie. "You used him! You never loved Alan Spaulding!"

insists Counselor Alex. She says Tangie took Alan for all he had, then turned her back on him. Both Alexes badger her until she stands & yells, "Fine, yes! I confess! I never loved you; I was just using you. I loved your money & I loved your power & I hope you rot in jail for all of your miserable little lies!" Couns. Alex basks in her victory & Judge Alex finds Tangie in contempt of court & guilty of perjury & too many other things to mention." Gum-chewing, southern-accented Bailiff Alex enters to take Tangie away. Tangie protests that it's not right & the spectators do "the wave" [i kid you not--ROTFL!] as she's led out of the courtroom. Judge Alex pronounces Alan innocent of all charges. The onlookers applaud & Alan hugs his lawyer-sister, telling her she was brilliant.

Fade from happyAlan to nervousAlex, sitting among the spectators as Robinson questions Tangie about Brent. They go over Brent's accusations against Alan & Alan's initial claims that Brent was a disgruntled employee. This leads to rehash of the incident when Tangie wrote Brent's story under serious deadline pressure (i.e., gunpoint) & the subsequent events. Sid objects several times during this tale, but the judge wants to hear it all. Through the magic of time-lapse fades, Tangie finishes the story in record time, ending with her accompanying the police to

Brent's hotel room & finding him already gone. She tells about finding the button & her later conversation with Alan. When he continued to deny involvement with Brent, she became very upset because she thought their relationship was based on trust & honesty, & she wanted the whole truth.

"What is the whole truth?" asks Robinson.

Tangie tells about following Alan to his office & overhearing his argument with Sid (silent flashback). Sid was refusing to deliver a briefcase. Later she found out it contained a large sum of cash (silent flashback of wads o' cash falling out of the briefcase). She accused Alan of planning to pay off Brent to leave town & keep silent about their connection. Alan denied it, but eventually admitted it was true. Big gasp from the gallery & an admonition from the judge. Over Sid's objections, T recounts Alan's entire confession--he had Brent cook the books to discredit Alan-Michael. The money was for Brent, so he would "just disappear." (More gasps.) Robinson is done & Sid gets his turn.

Sid offers Tangie water & promises to make his questions as painless as possible. He asks if she & Alan ever "cohabited." She says they never lived together. Does that mean she never moved into the Spaulding mansion at any time? She admits she was there for a few nights for her own safety. Sid cuts her off enough to make it sound like her 1st answer wasn't entirely true. AM & Lucy look worried. Sid asks whether Alan gave her clothing. Tangie says he loaned her a period gown. Sid cuts her off & asks about jewelry. Alan gave her a pin, which she returned. Sid cuts

her off again & presents a receipt for $25,000. (The gallery rumbles.) Tangie speaks directly to the judge, complaining prettily that Sid is twisting her words. The judge responds kindly but firmly that Tangie must

restrict her answers to the questions asked.

They discuss the pin's significance some more and Tangie allows that she had a romantic relationship with Alan for a short time. Sid asks about other romantic relationships since she's been in town. Robinson objects & the lawyers approach the bench. Roger gives Tangie a thumbs-up & motions for her to stay calm. The judge calls recess to consider the objection.

HALL: As they walk down the hall, Gilly gives Sid grief for doing his job. They go into a private room, where she says some things are more important than work. She objects to his skewering of AM & Tangie on the stand. Sid thinks she's picked a very bad time to unload on him, but looks her in the eye & maintains that he loves her. She thinks if she were up on the stand, he'd slice her to shreds as well to protect his "sleazebag" client. Sid says defense attorneys are supposed to get their clients off. "Do they all sell their souls in the process?" asks Gilly.

JUST OUTSIDE THE COURTROOM: "There are some really weird vibes in there," notes Nadine. [Her hair is elegantly upswept, but she's wearing a tacky leopard-print suit.] "There are weird vibes wherever you

are," responds Buzz. :-) Buzz thinks maybe he should give Tangie his religious icon for good luck.

Eleni fumes to Frank over Sid's treatment of Tangie. Frank says it's just Sid's job & that the American justice system is the best in the world. Eleni doesn't understand a justice system that lets people who tell the truth be made to look like a criminal. She realizes the same thing would have happened to Lucy if Brent had ever gone to trial for rape. They agree it's better that he's dead. Eleni wonders why it's always the woman who ends up with her morals being questioned.

Nadine's surprised that Buzz found his icon & asks where he found it. He says it's no big deal. Nadine thinks Buzz has been "tense" lately & he turns it around on her. Where's Carroll? How come he's not hanging around anymore? Nadine is evasive & says she doesn't keep tabs on him. Since when? Buzz wonders. Nadine says Carroll's off on a long truck haul. Buzz detects trouble in paradise. Nadine tells him to shut up.

Eleni says all the arguing must be inspired by "this place." The police, the law.... Frank doesn't want to hear anything against the police. Nadine suggests a soda & leaves with Eleni. Buzz tells Frank something's up with Nadine & Carroll. He doesn't want to let Carroll get away with hurting Nadine. Frank says they should make sure Alan Spaulding is taken care of first. Frank is proud of Lucy for the way she's handling the whole situation. He's impressed with how much Lucy & AM care for each other. Buzz hopes so. He wants to find Tangie & give her his icon.

Alex approaches AM & reams him for the way he "went after" his father. She doesn't consider him a member of the family anymore. "Well then, we're even, because I haven't felt like one lately." Alex calls him

spoiled & self-centered. Lucy tries to interfere, but Alex waves her away like an annoying fly. She warns Lucy that AM is as power-hungry & controlling as his father. AM says if that's true, it's because he had such a good teacher. Alex dredges up AM's past dirty dealings; AM says Lucy "knows the disease I carry with the name Spaulding." It's ruined Alan's & Alex's life but AM is cured. He's going to run the company as he sees fit, but he won't forget what's really important. He takes Lucy by the hand & walks away. Nick congratulates AM on telling Alex the same

thing Nick's been trying to tell her for a long time.

Roger makes a crack to Alex about family togetherness; she warns the pot about calling the kettle black. She remembers that Roger had a hand in raising "that blonde tart." Roger warns Alex to back off, but she keeps it

up, implying that Roger was not only a surrogate father, but also "Big Daddy." Rog gives Alex a message for Alan: If he lets Sid drag Tangie through any more mud, he'll have more than the judicial system to

contend with. "He'll have me."

Gilly follows Sid to the courtroom as they continue their argument. He says she's taking it too personally. She reminds him that Alan killed her LA job so he could hire Sid as his "private assassin. If that's not

personal, I don't know what is." She glares at him, then turns on her heel & walks away. Sid closes his eyes & takes a deep breath.

Tangie returns to the stand. Alex whispers to Alan that it's going well. The judge lets Sid pursue his line of questioning. Sid looks torn & doesn't respond at first when the judge asks if he's ready to continue. Finally, he wakes up & decides to go on. He asks Tangie if it's fair to say she's been intimately involved with "a number of" Springfield men. "It's not fair to even suggest it." Sid has Tangie confirm that she was involved with Josh. Then he rattles off the names of Alan-Michael & Patrick Cutter. Tangie says she & AM are strictly friends, and the same

is true with Cutter. There was nothing physical going on.

Sid reminds her that she & AM spent several weeks together last summer in a house with 1 bed. She maintains that the relationship wasn't physical. Sid asks if she always makes a habit of living with her male

friends. "Of course not, do you?" she retorts. Sid seems a bit taken back. He asks if it's true that Tangie "struck out" with all three of these men--that they rejected her. No, she says. Sid ignores this & asks if it's also true that her testimony against Alan is motivated by the fact that he also spurned her. Tangie insists that her story is true.

Sid asks Tangie who raised her after her traitor parents were sent to prison. Roger Thorpe, she answers. And did you know that Rog considers Alan his bitter enemy? Sid asks. Tangie says it goes both ways. She characterizes the men's relationship as one of mutual hatred. She admits to caring for Roger, but denies that she takes on his battles. Sid brings up Roger's interest in Spaulding, but Robinson objects, saying Tangie can't know what Roger wants & it's not relevant. The judge sustains this, but Sid goes round it. Tangie is forced to admit that Rog has told her he wanted

Spaulding back, but when Sid asks if it's "all about helping your surrogate father get what he wants," she says, "None of it's true. Alan told me the whole story." Sid snickers & says he's done.

Robinson gets a chance to redirect. He asks about Alan's visit last night, when he asked her to run away with him to avoid prosecution. How did you respond? he asks. "I said no," she replies. Robinson reminds the court that he doesn't have to prove Alan guilty right now--he just needs to present enough evidence to hold him over for trial. He summarizes that evidence: two witnesses to whom Alan confessed.

Sid's summary is that both witnesses have the same motive--to see Alan hurt. Robinson says he has also subpoenaed Cassie Lawrence, who is willing to testify to her brother's involvement with Alan. Sid says Brent was a rapist who tried to frame AM, so why wouldn't he want to frame Alan as well. The lawyers both feel they've made their case. The judge calls a recess while she decides whether to bind Alan over for trial. AM & Lucy are the first ones out the door. Alan just sits there.

"You're going to win, I can feel it!" sings Alex to Alan. She's thrilled that Sid was so good. Alan is upset that Tangie had to be hurt. "Who cares? She asked for it," says Alex. Alan tells her to shut up, because

he loves Tangie. Alex can't understand this. "She loves me too. I just couldn't be the man that she wanted," Alan says, almost to himself. Roger interrupts. Alan either didn't get his message or chose to ignore it.

Bad call, either way. Roger tells Alan he'll be a lot safer going to jail than sticking around town after the way he hurt Tangie. Rog remembers last Xmas, when Alex set him up & ruined things with Holly. And Alan,

who took him for a ride with Spaulding. They both laughed at Roger then, but Roger is doing the laughing now. He walks away, chuckling evilly.

HALL: Now Sid is chasing Gilly, trying to defend himself. They rehash how Alan got Gilly fired. Sid only found out a few days ago. And you didn't tell me, reminds Gilly. Sid saw no reason to further upset her. Gilly says he just didn't want to quit working for Alan. Sid says it was too late to get her job back anyway. "It's not too late to give this back," she says, removing her engagement ring & handing it to Sid. He stares at it in his hand. "We're finished, Sid," says Gilly.

PLAYGROUND: Two boys & a girl stand at the top of a slide, arguing about who's going to go down first. While the boys argue, the girl just goes. "It gets worse, guys," says AM with a smile. Lucy laughs. They check out the spinning toy (one of those platforms that you spin by pushing it while you run, then you jump on & either enjoy the ride or puke. We used to call it a "vomit machine."). They both start running & pushing, with AM bragging about how fast he can make it go. They laugh happily.

After the commercial break, the three kids are sitting in the middle while Lucy & AM continue to push. One of the moms helps push too. AM decides it's time to stop, before he pukes. The kids run off & AM loosens his tie. He says he's free--he did what he had to do for himself. "No matter what happens now, I win."

COURTHOUSE: Sid can't believe Gilly is breaking their engagement & says she's blowing it all out of proportion. Gilly doesn't agree. She says he's lost his sense of judgment & decency. All he's got left is his ambition. He reminds her that she's been ruthless in the past, but she says she never hurt anyone who didn't deserve it. Sid reminds her that

her first marriage ended because Hamp couldn't deal with *her* ambition. "I certainly understand Hamp a lot better right now... Now I understand that there are some things that aren't worth the price it takes to get

them." She walks away & Sid's lip quivers as the bailiff announces that court is back in session.

COURTROOM: The judge returns & announces that she has reached her decision. Close-up on Alan as the screen fades to black.

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Thanks! I asked about the ITL's because honestly, I skipped a ton of them. If it was a character I wasn't interested in or a story I wasn't particularly interested in, I just wouldn't pay attention. I want to go back and watch them all though, so I think I'm going to watch one or two a day until I get through as many as I can (I know that Harley the comic book character one is going to be a damn chore to watch).

I just finished this one "Focus":


I don't understand why GT didn't submit that episode for the Emmys.

I think the next one I'm going to watch is Daisy's abortion, "Choices". I saw bits and pieces and I remember thinking BE and KZ did really good work in that one (and honestly Bonnie Dennison too).


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