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Guiding Light discussion thread

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Pairing Mike Bauer with Alexandra Spaulding during the early eighties and having years worth of story is a typical post on this forum. It makes sense given Mike's history with the Spauldings. Mike's daughter, Hope, was married to Alan Spaulding and gave birth to Alan Michael Spaulding. In hindsight, what would it be like when Mike never left Springfield and finally marries Alexandra, and during the nineties,  they have a conflict due to Mike siding with his grandson, Alan Michael Spaulding, over Alexandra making NIck (Alexandra's son) Spaulding Enterprises President instead of Alan Michael. Roger Thorpe could be a thorn in Mike and Alexandra's side.  Hope could come back as an obstacle, disapproving Alexandra as a stepmother. If Elvera Roussel were unavailable, then Robin Mattson or even Julia Barr would have been suitable recasts. One of the posts I came across was Ross and Blake breaking up, and Ross marrying Hope, becoming a tentpole couple alongside Alexandra and Mike. Mike and Ross would have their law firm in town.  I could also see Fletcher and Hope or Buzz and Hope. As for Blake, I would say pair her up with Frank Cooper.


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3 hours ago, vetsoapfan said:


In the early years, I found Lillian to be too passive, too demure; a bit of a dishrag. I did not want Mike to be paired with such a dull (IMO) character. I wanted him to romance someone strong, charming, witty, with a mind of her own, who could keep up with him and even challenge him if need be. I would have loved a Nick and Nora Charles-type romance for our dashing Mr. Bauer.


(Of course, being as ancient as I am, probably no one else at SON has even HEARD of Nick and Nora, LOL!)

We watched the Thin Man Marathon  on New Year's Eve..

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