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From Monday, June 27, 1983 through Thursday, June 30, 1983, TPIR conducted a salute to CBS's soaps, with an episode devoted to each of them.


Here's the 6/27/83 episode that saluted ATWT:



The 6/28/83 episode that saluted GL:



The 6/29/83 episode that saluted Y&R:



And the 6/30/83 episode that saluted Capitol:



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Here's the first episode of The "New" Price Is Right:



Of course, Bob Barker served as host of Truth or Consequences for many years before hosting TPIR. Here's Bob Barker's first episode of Truth or Consequences:



Interestingly, the first commercial in the above clip is for a series of shows that were part of NBC's weekday morning lineup. One of those shows was none other than the original version of TPIR, hosted by Bill Cullen.


I wish that more of T or C were available on You Tube, but here are some of the other clips that I found:







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