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Marcy was Tony Vincente's first wife. She had money and power which she used to put Tony through medical school. Their marriage was an unhappy one and Marcy faked her paralysis in order to hold on to him. Anne Revere played Agnes Lake who served as the Vincentes' housekeeper as well as Marcy's nurse. One day, Agnes saw Marcy up and walking about the living room. Agnes threatened to tell Tony and Marcy attacked her with a fireplace poker. Once Agnes regained consciousness, she told all to Tony. Tony then divorced Marcy and proposed marriage to Jo Tate. Marcy was played by Jeannie Carson who was born and raised in England, thus her accent.

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Re the ever changing face of Patti Tate Whiting in the mid 60's.

Variety reported Trish Van Devere taking on the role in April 67 and then reported Melinda Plank assuming the part at the end of May. Looks like Trish only lasted about 6 weeks.

Melinda Plank also acted under the name Melinda Cordell.She was later on Y&R as Dorothy Stevens Dru's ballet teacher as well as GH as Natalie.

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More on Patti

Melissa Murphy replaced Patricia Harty in Dec 65. She was the daughter of actor Don Porter,who played Gidget's dad in the 60's Tv series.She had begun in Feb 65.

So the timeline for Patti looks like this

Lynn Loring 1951 - 61

Nancy Pinkerton 1961(probably a recast that didn't work.Lynn would have been a hard act to follow)

Abigail Kellogg 1961 - 64 (Had been playing Robin on GL,Did CBS/P&G bring her over because they felt she could be a success in the role and Patti was more important than Robin? Nancy Malone took over as Robin.She had been Babby on The Brighter day)

Patricia Harty Feb 64 - Dec 65 (I'm guessing she got the pilot for Occasional Wife and was allowed to leave)

Gretchen Walther 65 (Variety says that Murphy took over from Harty,so I'm guessing Walther was only intended as a fill in)

Melissa Murphy Dec 65 - 66

Trish van Devere April - May 67

Melinda Plank May 67 - 69

Leigh Lassen 69 - 75 (She was written off in 74 i believe and then brought back)

Tina Sloan 76

Jacquie Shultz 85 - 86

I have also read that Brooke bundy played Patti but never seen it in print.If she did it might have just been a temp replacement.

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She and Fran Sharon played best friends on The Edge of Night. Fran Sharon had played Janet on Search for Tomorrow. Nancy Pinkerton was wonderful. Her character, Beth Moon, was paired with Conard Fowlkes and, later, with Barry Newman. She was a teacher and best friend to Cookie.

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Question: What was the timeline (off screen) that had SFT move from CBS to NBC? I know there was a prolonged period for Edge to move to ABC and allow ATWT to expand to a one hour format.

Did CBS drop the axe first? Or did P&G approach NBC first? I've always wanted to know what went on...needless I don't need to mention the network exec who canned SFT, for good, in 1986...he made plenty of headlines in April of 2011 with the cancellations of AMC & OLTL.

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