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Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

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Dates, courtesy Daytime TV.

Robert Phelps and Linda Bove (Matt and Melissa Weldon) left in September 1972. David Ford was "killed off" as Karl Devlin on August 20.

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Dec 65 Melissa Murphy replaces Patricia Harty as Patti Tate.Harty got a pilot in Hollywood,probably Occasional Wife which debuted Sept 66 Gretchen Walther was probably a fill in between Harty and Murphy.

April 67 Trish Vandervere takes on the role.

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25 years ago today (December 26, 1986), NBC aired the final episode of Search for Tomorrow. The following Monday (December 29, 1986), NBC aired a new game show, Wordplay. Also of note is that Capitol, CBS's replacement for Search for Tomorrow, would end a little less than 3 months later (March 20, 1987) to make way for Bill Bell's 2nd daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful, and NBC would end Wordplay a little over 8 months later (September 4, 1987) and move Scrabble into the 12:30 pm ET timeslot, where it remained until the premiere of Generations in March 1989.

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That's sad to hear. He left his Search role in part because of everything with Lisa Loring, and didn't seem to have a lot of acting success after this. He and Marcia made the SOD cover. He was a very handsome man.

I have a few articles on him somewhere. Anyway, here's the cover.


Thanks, Carl. I was looking through my old magazines for some articles on him but haven't found any yet.

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Thanks a million for those 1973/74 articles Carl.

Never knew before why Robert Loggia stepped in as Tony. Loggia started off in the movies in the 50's and was offered a Columbia contract but tuned it down because he didn't want to become part of the Hollywood machine.Parts dried up and he went to TV.By the early 70's he was drinking heavily and his career was going nowhere.Guess that why he took on Search.

He credits meeting his now wife around that time who supported him and got things back on track for him personally and professionally.He related this at a showing of his movie The Garment Jungle.

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