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July 30, 2009

Executive Producer

Christopher Goutman

Written By

Jean Passanante

Directed By

Michael Eilbaum


Leah Laiman

Courtney Simon

Susan Dansby

David A. Levinson

Cheryl L. Davis

Leslie Nipkow

Gordon Rayfield

Senior Producer

Carole Shure


Vivian Gundaker

Line Producer

Sonia Blangiardo

Coordinating Producer

Jennifer Salamone

Production Designer

Patrick Howe

Costume Designer

Margarita Delgado

Associate Costume Designer

Philip Heckman

Lighting Designer

Donna Larson

Nick Varacalli

Associate Directors

Michael Kerner

Carol Sedwick

Janet Andrews

Music Direectors

James Kowal

Brian Lydell

Paul F. Antonelli

Digital Producer

Kelsey Bay Hunt

Assistant Producer

Sarah Shaker

Assistant to the Executive Producer

Michele De Vito

Production Associates

Brett A. Hellman

Jared Lynch

Stage Managers

Jennifer W. Blood

Nancy I. Barron

Casting Director

Mary Clay Boland, C.S.A.

Associate Casting Director

LaMont Craig

Assistant Casting Director

Kate Martineau

Art Director

Tim Goodmanson

Production Coordinators

Kate Corcodilos

Sheree Coleman

Allison Lacoff

Location Mananger

Melissa Bannon

Assistant Digital Producer

Belinda Green

Digital Production Coordinators

Cara Friez

Patricia Ortiz

Ashley Mangum

Assistant to the Writers

Dan Mooney

Gigi Swift

Technical Director

John Kokinis


Edward Dolan

Frank DiMaulo

Tim Pankewicz


Warren Armstrong

Videotape Editors/Sound Mixers

Bob Mackler

Matthew Griffin


Bill Marino

Keith Stiegelbauer


Robert Bellairs

Greg Saccaro

Barbara Langdon

Carlos Rios

Boom Operator

Christpher Rennert

Pat Breen

Thomas Byrne


Ellen Anton

Mary Jestice

Dan Hicks

Lynne Wilson

Douglas Couture

Lawrence Bell

Set Decorators

Dennis Donegan

Catherine McKenney

Make Up

Eldo Ray Estes

Stephanie Glover-McGee

Anette Lian-Williams

Kimbery Braisin

Joel Mendenhall


Theresa Marra Siliceo

Lillian Cvecich

Freddie Sanchez

Melanie Mezzacappa

Director of Technical Operations

Paul Stiegelbauer

Director, Production Services

Eve Luzzi

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