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Big Brother 11: Discussion Thread


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Damn, I was hoping we would have Jessica back. Jessie's ego has gotten a lot bigger... I liked him last time, but I don't think that will be happening this season.

I've always wanted someone to hook up with both sexes, only to play them to get further ahead in the game. I hope the Tattoo girl will do that, but I don't see it happening. She seems so nice.

Julie looks great! I giggled when she mentioned that some of us are expecting. She doesn't even look like she's pregnant.

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What a horrible start! Jesse???!!! WHY!!! I was rooting for Brian the most because I liked him from last season - he was funny and is a thinker (though he overplayed last year). Then I was rooting for Jessica.

First impressions:

- I didn't really like any of the gay guys from previous seasons (they were just annoying), but I thought Kevin was pretty funny (his comment about Laura's boobs was hilarious). I hope he stays in the comedic zone and doesn't head to the annoying zone.

- Laura is pretty hot....WITH her clothes on.....those boobs are just too outrageously big!

- Jordan is cute girl.....she has rooting value

- I like Ronnie's excitement

- I liked Lydia, Michele, and Braden

- Don't really have any opinions on the others yet.

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Finally saw it. I thought overall the choices to go back into the house were pretty disappointing. Brian? You blinked you missed him as he wasnt long enough to make much of an impression. Cowboy? He would have been more annoying than anythign and I dont think anyone wants to see him again. Jessica? I liked her but I dont see her spicing things up or bringing the drama. Jesse? Well Im glad he's in as I did like him before and I felt he was the best of the poor choices given. I wish he had put up Laura though as I found her incredbily fake and annoying

Anyone else think that Casey reminds them of Mike Boogie? He even looks like him

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Yeah, Casey reminds me of an older Boogie too. Except Casey's not a loser (so far).

Poor Braden - got thrown under the bus by Lydia. What did Braden do? I felt bad for him.

We got our first big fight on the season between Russell and Jeff. I thought both of them came off looking bad. If Jeff just kept his battle with Russell, it would've been fine, but then he went and took on Natalie.

I liked Russell's instinct in knowing someone tipping off Braden. Too bad he believed Ronnie.

Anyway, I hope Braden stays because I like to see the Athletes being taken down a notch.

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What a horrible first week!! My hate for Ronnie just keeps on growing.

I'm on team Casey/Jeff/Jordan/Laura/Michelle. But on the other side, I'll slightly root for Russell/Natalie.

The Athletes are going to be running the show again this week and if even for that group leaves, it'll be Jeff.

I still don't understand how Braden got put up by Jessie in the first place. What did he do that was threatening? Russell just believed Lydia? Lydia is such a big baby, "Why didn't you cry FOR ME!!???" Is she serious?

Hopefully Ronnie will shake up the house but I think he's in the Athletes' pocket. Ugh.

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This season is already a bust. Another horrid terrible week is ahead of us. We already have this season's nerd herd in Chima/the steriod crew/Ronnie/Lydia & Kevin. All of them make me want to projectile vomit consecutively forever. Each one of them are bitchy/skanky/dumbass/LOSERS, that need to die! At least from my eyesight!

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I'm in the minority but I loved the first week, probably one of the best ever!!!

I keep switching favorites.

At first, my favorites were Lydia and Kevin

After tonight, my favorites are Jeff and Jordan but things can change in one week

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The only people left worth rooting for (in my book) are either Jeff, Jordan or Linda (that's the big-boob chick, right?).

The money-grabbing-power-hungry Athletes are just disgusting. My hatred for Jessie from the previous season didn't go away, and I hate it when someone thinks of themselves as the king of the entire season (like Russell is). Out of the nerds, I guess only that scientist is okay, while I can't stanch Chima or Ronnie. Lydia also brings up a huge hatred in me. She's just....ugh!!

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