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Big Brother 11: Spoiler Thread


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Okay people, tonight has been INSANE!

Pretty much all of Ronnie's lies started to come out. It started with his convo with Laura where Laura told him Russ wanted her to stay. From there on out it all started to spiral out of control. Ronnie tried talking his alliance into keeping Laura and voting Jordan out but they were not going for it. Then they confronted Russ on what Laura said.

Not long after they all started arguing about Russ and agreed they should have done what Jordan and jeff said by BDing Russ. They start playing the blame game and [[email protected]#$%^&*] gets heated. Not long after a bunch of them end up outside and are talking about Ronnie. Laura tells everyone what she and Ronnie discussed. Russ, Jordan, everyone started confessing about convos with Ronnie and the realize he has been playing them all.

Then they call him out. Russ calls him out first and then every single person in the house is in the backyard talking and confronting Ronnie. Ronnie leaves. Soon the same thing happens inside. Ronnie then locks hismelf in his HOH room and looks like he is going to cry. HA!

Everyone agrees that next week Michelle & Chima throw the HoH and whoever egts it puts up Ronnie. They will draw straws on who the pawn will be. And just hope he doesnt win POV.

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