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GH Couples


Which GH Couple Is Better  

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  1. 1. Who should Elizabeth be with ???

    • Jason Morgan (Danger,Mob Enforcer)
    • Lucky Spencer (Honest,Cop)

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Hey there, Jill F-P! :lol: j/k.

As for all-time fave couples, I must go with my heart: Carly & Lorenzo (played by Tamara Braun and Ted King) and Sonny & Brenda.

Also liked Duke & Anna at one time (even though I had to turn up the volume to hear their mumbling). And early Luke & Laura were a by-word for chemistry.

As for Lucky/Liz/Jason, I would love them best if they were a triangle with all THREE characters written for equally. One day we would be wanting Lucky & Liz. The next, Jason & Liz. The third day, we would be sympathizing with Liz who is all "I'm sick of waffling between the two of you boneheads!" Honestly, if they propped up Liz and Lucky and made them as rounded as they do Jason, GH would have THE greatest triangle on their hands. It would power story for years.

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Of course, I gotta go with Sonny/Brenda (hint...hint...my screen name :lol: ). Patrick/Robin are a close second.

Other favs:

Jason/Robin (pre-cottage hell)


Carly/Lorenzo (w/TB'sCarly)

Ric/Liz (pre-panic room)



Liz/Lucky (w/JJ'sLucky)

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Carly & Lorenzo

:o a GUZA Couple LOL

No not all of Guza`s pairings are bad but we all dislike him for his infamous transformation of GH lol

Patrick and Robin are cute together,hope they aren`t broken up.But this is GH so anything can happen

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Oh yeah. I would never count out a Guza couple. Most of them were FIRE!!! :P:lol: The writing ultimately did them in.

I'm thankful for the first 3 years of Scrubs, including Night Shift. So, who knows what'll happen from this point forward. The Scrubs/Emma scenes were great this week. It was nice to see that on a show that's normally full of doom and gloom.

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If Scrubs separate the fans will go inside the riots

Not sure there are enough people left watching GH to man a riot. I can't stand Robin and Patrick, but I don't care if they stay together. They are easier to FF that way.

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    • Bill Bell recast Y&R Ashley twice (1988 and 1996) and in hindsight, neither worked. Can we think of anyone who would have worked in either 1988 or 1996?
    • Dorothy McGuire's arc was two months, May-July 1984. I think it was mentioned here that it was a big deal back then for Y&R to get a Golden Age Hollywood actress in a short arc.
    • While I agree that the writing in 1980 did not match the prior regime, but I would argue that the conception of new citizens of Bay City was intriguing.  Having a character based on the story of Patty Hearst was unique.  The idea of a character hiding from her past is a soap staple, but a nurse who is actually an heiress that had experienced a kidnapping attempt is unique.  Of course, it is ridiculous that after trying to change her name, the entire family would follow her to town, but I particularly liked Rick and his romance with Marianne. I also enjoyed the Cecile/Pat feud at Brava. It was one of the only times that Cecile was written as smart and conniving. And, I think it was good writing to use their feud as the introduction of the Harry Must Die book which became the clue in Janice's plot to poison Mac.  Given that Iris was being spun off to Texas, I think Miranda was good substitute.  She was well placed to be a rival for Mac's affection as well as a plaything for the nefarious Philip Lyons.  Also, Jason's relationship with Tracy was interesting and it is the only role that I enjoyed as played by smarmy-guy-specialist Warren Burton It is one of those times in soap history when it is hard to pinpoint the cause of the issue because with the change in tone from Lemay, the loss of Willis and Iris, and the increased competition from OLTL it became a big ship to readjust.  It was still an adult oriented soap, which I appreciate, even though there were heightened story elements that were uncharacteristic.  It may be that I am a Tom King apologist (as well as a Lemay fan), but I think there is a lot of blame to spread all around at the time, and it wasn't just King's fault.
    • Tom Langan cast several 1980s Y&R actors on Reilly's Days: Deborah Adair, Eileen Davidson, Nick Benedict, Jaime Lyn Bauer, Lauren Koslow.
    • @dragonflies The chris evans you linked to is the same Twitter user that got EB trending in Summer 2021. I really hope these lack of appearances are due to EB's recovery from knee surgery, and not his role being reduced.
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